Hexagonal Wood Flooring

One of the biggest trends in interior flooring in recent years has been for geometric designs. This has been part of the move towards more pattern on both walls and floors, either as part of a clean, minimalist scheme contrasting statement floors with neutral tones, textures and natural materials or a maximalist clash of bold patterns, textures and deep, rich tones.

Whatever the style, these geometric options, including hexagon flooring, deliver sharp, angular lines that ensure the overall look stays modern. And when this look is delivering in hardwood, rather than say hexagonal tile flooring, warmth and character are added to the mix.


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What patterns does our Hexagonal Flooring Create?

Hexagonal flooring isn’t only limited to individual hexagon blocks. In fact, some of the more traditional parquet flooring designs create a hexagonal pattern across the floor even though they are not made up of hexagonal shaped blocks. One such example is known as Mansion Weave which uses polygons and small trapezoid blocks to create an intricately patterned floor that is also a flowing design. With hexagonal tile wood flooring patterns, the fact that the direction of the grain runs in different directions between the blocks adds an additional level of texture, contrast and interest.

Another example uses diamond shaped blocks to create a hexagonal pattern. Again, in each of the blocks, the grain runs in a different direction, but as it is a continuous pattern, the pattern flows across the space.

The best spaces for Hexagonal Wood Flooring

For home projects, hexagon wood flooring adds personality and interest to a space. It’s great for making a statement in hallways, we’ve also seen it used to great effect in master bedroom where the subtle pattern is paired with soft tones for an overall warm, relaxing feel.

Hexagonal wood flooring can be used in commercial projects to add interest and personality. It can be used in large open plan offices or hotel and hospitality spaces, mixing areas of hexagonal wood flooring with other wood floor formats or other flooring materials to create bold design statements or as a way of zoning areas.

It also works well in smaller spaces, such as break out and reception areas where the hexagonal patterns help define the space. The intricate pattern adds character and interest, creating a strong, subtle look.

As many of Ted Todd’s hexagonal floors are supplied unfinished, they can be installed and then finished to whatever colour is required. This flexibility means that the floor can be matched to other materials and formats it will be sitting alongside.

What interior design styles work best with Hexagonal Flooring?

The combination of this subtle yet intricate pattern made using 100% engineered hardwood means that hexagonal parquet is a versatile choice. It’s a subtle way of adding detail and texture to minimal and modern interiors without being too overpowering yet also works very well in classic schemes that are perhaps more eclectic and traditional.

How to install Hexagon Wood Flooring

Installation of hexagon wood flooring requires a high degree of technical ability and should only be performed by a qualified and experienced professional wood floor installer. It is not suitable as a DIY project nor suitable for installation by joiners or builders unless they are fully qualified professional wood floor installers.

The fitter will ensure that the sub-floor is suitable for the installation and that the levels of moisture and humidity in the room aren’t too high. They will inspect of all pieces of the floor before those pieces are installed, carefully examining the flooring for colour, finish and quality before installing it.

Parquet can be glued down, using Ted Todd MS Flex adhesive, over concrete or solid panel sub floors.

Once fitted, they will ensure that any stains are applied before finishing the floor. This will ensure that it is stable and durable, and once complete, should only require regular care and maintenacne using one of Ted Todd’s Care Systems, depending on the finish of the floor.

To find out more about how to install your Hexagon wood floor here, and you’ll find out more information about how to care for your wood floor care here.

Get Started with Ted Todd

You can start your next project by ordering samples of the floor you’re interested in. We would always recommend that you see a sample of the floor before you buy, Our Design Centres in London and Cheshire have large scale panels of all our parquet to give you an idea of how it will look in your space.

You can also order samples online. For home projects, you’ll find your nearest Ted Todd partner who can give you help and advice with selection, measuring, and installation here.

For commercial projects, talk to one of our commercial team who each specialise in different sectors and will be able to talk through your projects, recommend suitable options and arrange samples. If you require a panel for presentation, you can order these via the team. Payment is deductible against future orders.

If you are an architect, designer, specifier or contractor, you can get in touch with our commercial team here.