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Reclaimed Teak Flooring

Reclaimed Teak wood is renowned for its durability and elegance and has been a prized building material for centuries. Found in Southeast Asia, Indonesian teak is one of the most valuable natural resources and is protected by the Indonesian government through forest management programs.

Because it can take around 80 years for a newly planted Teak tree to mature, old Teak is often reclaimed and given a new lease of life.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do, and we take the responsibility of protecting the environment very seriously. All of our Indonesian Teak has been reclaimed from a genuine source and has been lovingly restored in our Cheshire workshops by our expert craftsmen.

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What is Reclaimed Teak Wood Flooring?

Teak flooring is genuine reclaimed flooring that has been used for decades (or even centuries) as part of historic buildings throughout Indonesia and South East Asia. This flooring is an incredibly rare commodity due to the high demand of Teak, and we are privileged to have had the opportunity to breathe new life into each of these naturally beautiful planks.

To make these floors last a lifetime, we’ve transformed these Teak boards into reclaimed engineered flooring, meaning they have all the quality you’d come to expect from a new wood floor, whilst maintaining all the characteristics that make these historic boards special.

The characteristics of Indonesian Teak Flooring

Reclaimed Teak has an abundance of natural patina, character and offers superb durability, making it an ideal selection for flooring as well as wall and ceiling cladding.

Take Coburn teak wall cladding from our Bold Surfaces for example, this Indonesian teak brings warmth and personality to an interior, connecting you to the outside world through its texture, smell and appearance.

Plus, thanks to years of usage in colonial buildings packing the grain tightly together, these timbers are as durable as they come. Naturally resisting decay, insects and rot, it is aptly nicknamed ‘the King of the Hardwoods’ due to its extreme stability – be it Coburn, Dark Colonial Teak solid hardwood planks or any of our other reclaimed floors and cladding, you can rest assured knowing that it will last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of Reclaimed Teak Wood Flooring?

As mentioned, due to its tight grain, the extreme stability and durability Reclaimed Teak supplies is a huge benefit. With the correct attention, Teak floors will last lifetimes, and all come with a 25-year guarantee from Woodworks.

Stability isn’t the only benefit antique and reclaimed Teak grants your projects though. Teak is also well-renowned for its ability to age gracefully to a regal silver tone.

We emphasise original patinas with hand-polishing and soft sanding of reclaimed Teak flooring within our Cheshire workshop, bringing out the beauty within the grain patterns and historical manipulations (such as nail holes and weather cracks) that scatter across individual boards, adding interest and intrigue. Tonally, Burmese and Indonesian Teak flooring is extraordinary, adding a warm feeling to every floor and wall.

To preserve remaining forests, new Teak has become a controlled timber. As a result of it no longer being freely available, it’s become increasingly more difficult to obtain, making it one of the rarest species of wood in the world. Unlike new floors, the reclaimed Teak flooring used in our Rare Finds and Bold Surfaces is entirely sustainable. As such, another benefit of Woodworks by Ted Todd is that every floor has genuine reclaimed certifications, having been salvaged from certified historical buildings in Asia.

How to install Teak Flooring

Any Woodworks by Ted Todd flooring should always be installed by a professional. You may already have a fitter in mind, or perhaps have been advised on a fitter by one of our retail partners, but regardless, we would be happy to recommend one of our trusted professional installers should you wish.

All other instructions relating to fitting Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd floors can be found in our wood flooring installation guides.

The best rooms for Teak Wood Flooring

Due to the enhanced stability teak flooring offers, this floor species is appropriate for all rooms and areas, no matter the level of traffic expected. Kitchens, hotel rooms and large hallways are just a few of the places we find our wall cladding and flooring works perfectly.

For more inspiration as to where our floors can be effective, take a look through our gallery.

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Every Woodworks and Ted Todd purchase starts with a conversation, so be sure to get in touch with the relevant team for commercial or personal usage.

You can also order up to 3 free samples of your favourite teak flooring. Simply add the samples to your basket, fill in your details, and we’ll get them shipped out to you quickly, so you can start putting your dream project together.