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Pine flooring is crafted from the pine softwood that dominates the landscape of the Northern hemisphere.

Pine wood is ideal for flooring due to its beautiful aesthetic, strength, and malleable nature.

Our master craftspeople and development team have been working alongside Pine for decades and have honed their skills expertly throughout the years to bring out the best this timber has to offer.

Pine is used for all sorts of tough utility work, appearing commonly as flooring, wooden beams, and cladding.



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What is Pine Flooring?

Pine flooring is flooring made from species of pine and tends to feature a prominent grain, with small but elegant knots that give pine its unique character. For flooring, pine offers a clean and honest style.

Pine flooring is created out of the over 100 species of coniferous pine that are ubiquitously found across Northern Europe.

Commonly associated with Scandinavian minimalism and chalets from the Alps, pine wood flooring has been used in the UK for centuries.

The natural properties of pine cannot be ignored either. The use of pine flooring enriches all of our senses and installing pine floors in a project leads to a uniquely fresh feeling. Other materials, especially laminates and other manmade alternatives, simply do not compare.

What are the benefits of Pine Flooring?

Beauty: Thanks to our craftspeople taking great care to restore our reclaimed pine floorboards, the original aged patina, where the real beauty of this timber lies, continues to shine. As well as maintaining such, they use their skills to add texture, shape, and tone – making these floors and cladding impressive feats of beauty.

Variety: Tonally, a lot is going on here too. From the fresh, light colours of Scout reclaimed pine to the deep indulgent dark colours that Empire sustainably sourced reclaimed pine hosts, there is a hue for every specification available across our Pine floors. Owing to the skills of our Cheshire-based crafting team, there is a colossal selection of thickness, colour, texture, and finish across our Pine flooring creations.

History: Each of our pine wood floorings has its own unique story to tell. If floors could talk, for example, our rare-find Northbank Pitch Pine would talk of its journey across from the sandy highlands of North America to the River Mersey, ending up in a disused warehouse at Garston Dock in Liverpool before being reclaimed by us.

Durability: Considering Pine is from the softwood conifer variety, it is very durable, long-lasting, and versatile, making an ideal choice in any project looking to use wood on a surface for a lifetime. The similar pitch pine grows more slowly and has more density and hardness than your typical red pine, also making it a strong option on the durability front.

So, if you’re looking to add history, prestige, and a link to the natural world to your project, you might just have found the perfect material here…

What style of Pine Flooring should I choose?

When we think of pine, we usually associate it with the pale, blonde colours of unstained pine. However, because of pine’s usability and versatility, when we reclaim it, its previous life means we have a vast variety of colours and finishes available.

Bleached: Bleached pine exudes tranquillity and peace. The lighter colour brings freshness to any project and exaggerates any light and open qualities of any room. See our Bleached War Office Pine for a chance to own history.

Darks: For a look that blends tradition and contemporary, look at our monochromatic shades. If you’re looking to give a room an edge, these noir shades offer a wow factor. See our Granite and Lead examples.

Rustic: These Pine floors combine rich forestry tones with grey hues to deliver unmatched chic. The distressed look brings to life the stories that these floorboards carry in their fibres. See our Georgian Pine and Hip as prime examples.

Knotty: The knots in pine often set it apart from other wood species. Whilst the knots in pine are commonly neat, the knots in these styles resemble the patterns of butterflies or the rings of Saturn, delivering unrivalled charm and character. See our Oyster and Moth pine floors.

The best rooms for Pine Flooring

Pine flooring is the perfect choice for any project looking for a punch of nature. For all living areas, Pine can inject calmness, tranquility, or subtle warmth.

Whilst pine flooring is exceptionally durable for softwood, it is still softer than hardwoods such as Oak. This means that it is best protected from areas of the home where bumps and bruising are more likely to occur, for example, away from busy hallways or rooms where furniture is frequently moved around.

Our floorboards are splash resistant, however, so don’t worry too much about using them in kitchen areas, or around children.

We’ve seen Pine used on every surface, and given the wealth of material at our disposal, we’re unphased by even the largest of spaces – so whether it’s a single bedroom or an entire hotel you’re looking to cover, we can suitably provide.

How to install and care for Pine Floors


When installing Pine flooring, it should only ever be installed by a competent professional.

Please see our wood floor installation guide for more details on installing a Ted Todd Pine wood floor. Should you need any recommendations on fitters, we would be happy to advise; just get in touch!


One of the most remarkable aspects of Pine flooring is how long it lasts despite being softwood. A well-loved Tedd Todd Pine floor will last generations.

Pine can be easily maintained and will age gracefully provided you follow our care guidelines. For pine floors with restoration natural oiled finishes, we recommend Care System 2, and for other finishes, opt for Care System 1 every few weeks or as you see necessary.

How can I order free samples of Pine Flooring?

With such a wide range of textures and colours to sink your teeth into, often the best place to start with Pine is by ordering free samples, direct to your door.

Simply put your favourite Pine floors into your basket, fill out your details and we’ll ship them out promptly, meaning you can start planning how best they will fit within your upcoming project.

Alternatively, visit one of your local retail partners, or one of our Design Centres in Cheshire or London, to experience these woods first-hand, as there’s nothing quite like seeing and feeling the real thing.