The Calming Effects Of Pale Wood Floors

Pale wood flooring is often referred to as being the most calming floor colour. Here we will outline why this is, what interior design schemes go best with pale wood flooring, and which options we have available.

What Is Pale Wood Flooring?

Pale wood flooring refers to wood floors that are white or very light in tone. You can achieve very different looks when fitting a pale wood floor, simply by choosing different grades, designs, textures or finishes.


A prime grade light wood floor will look very different to one that is nature or rustic grade. With prime grade, the boards will be very uniform in appearance, with minimal colour variation and no knots. This means they make a great choice for a serene, calming space.


A nature grade floor will have much more tonal variation, and will have natural features such as knots. These features will add depth and touches of black to the planks. Rustic grade will have even more features, such as splits which will again add more variation and tone. This would make a great choice for a more industrial space, or a modern space where you want to make the floor into a statement.

Egret, Superwide


Pale wood flooring planks will give a different look and feel to herringbone or chevron designs. With planks, think about using wider planks so that there are less of them across the width of the room. This will mean there are less joins, and will look more seamless, making a space seem more refined.


Herringbone is a great choice, as the pattern has been around for centuries and has always maintained its popularity. This means it can look at home in an old country house, or can add character to a more modern property. Use it in open plan living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, and in oddly shaped rooms to hide imperfections.


Chevron is again a more traditional design that dates back centuries, but when combined with a pale tone it looks strikingly modern. Use it down hallways to lead the eye, and in large open plan rooms to make the most of the pattern.


In terms of texture, a smooth floor will give a different look to a very textured one. Smooth textures look sleek and are perfect on a prime floor as it makes the most of the uniformity. More heavily textured choices include undulating and skip sawn, and are great on nature grade options.


Lastly, different finishes can give you very different looks depending on what you choose. Different finishes have different gloss levels, again giving you different looks. Naked skin lacquer can look very natural whereas a satin lacquer may have more of a sheen.

How Does Pale Wood Flooring Create A Calming Feel?

Pale wood flooring creates a calming, soothing feeling in many ways.

Wood floors on the whole bring you closer to nature. By bringing nature, and the outdoors, inside your home you will naturally create a serene, calming sanctuary.

There is an increasing awareness around the health benefits of living with a wood floor vs a manmade option such as LVT or carpet. Our wood floors are SVOC free, and have the added benefit that the whole floor and not just off-cuts can always be re-used or recycled.

For these reasons, wood floors offer a sense of well-being that manmade alternatives cannot replicate. The texture and undulations, even the scent of the wood heightens the senses, which creates a calmness and feeling of security.

The most calming pale wood floor colours can specifically can add a soothing touch to your home as they seamlessly blend into interiors.

How To Use Pale Wood Flooring In Your Home

Pale wood flooring suits a number of interior styles. From calming, zen homes that feel like a retreat to bold, modern schemes, there’s a pale wood floor for every home and project.


An obvious interior choice for pale wood flooring is Scandinavian design. Defined through its use of neutral wood, natural materials, and simplicity, lighter wood floors seamlessly match this interior style. Think about using a Douglas Fir wide plank against natural timber furniture for a classic yet contemporary feel, or a light brown Oak floor for something more classic.


Gustavian style is another that perfectly suit light wood floors. A combination of classic French design with a pared back Scandinavian colour palette, when it comes to choosing a floor for this style of home, opt for a natural looking, very light brown plank. Nature grade would be a great choice as it showcases natural characteristics like knots, and a matt lacquer or low gloss lacquer would finish it perfectly.


Coastal style homes also look great with pale and light wood flooring. Classic white washed options can be the perfect choice, as well as lighter options with a natural finish. With this interior style, you want the space to feel like its been bleached in the sun, from the walls and floor to the fabrics and furniture, to create a calming, sunny feeling.

Pale Wood Floor Inspiration

Here are some of our favourite shots of pale wood floors and calming light wood floors.

Coast, Editions
Coast, Editions

Otis herringbone, Editions


In summary, calming pale wood floors are the perfect choice whether you are looking for something modern or traditional. With so many options to choose from within grade, design, texture and finish, you can make the floor stand out as the main feature of the room, or blend into the background to create the calming space so many of us desire in our homes.

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