6 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Wood Floor

There are benefits to using wood floors in your project, here we look at 6 reasons why you should choose a wood floor.


The wood used in every Ted Todd floor comes from sustainable sources that have FSC®, PEFC or equivalent certification. As a wood floor comes from nature you will never find any plastics, synthetic materials or man-made chemicals.

Organic flooring also has the capability of lasting decades. Compared to carpet or vinyl flooring this is, on average, double the lifespan. In fact, many wood floors look better as they get older. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to have an earthy, homely natural floor for years to come.


With a range of grades to choose from you can achieve the look you want from boards that feature a range of characteristics to ones with a clean, uniform look. Other types of flooring options such as laminate is made by applying an image of wood grain to a sheet of plastic. This means the same grain pattern could be replicated multiple times across your floor whilst losing the natural movement only a real wood gives.

Perfect for bringing nature indoors, the imperfections of much wood flooring is authentic and homely. If you’re looking to create a truly cosy feel. Evocative of farmhouse-esque aesthetics, there’s nothing about the look of a wood floor which feels processed. With the unique nature of this flooring material, you receive a floor which looks and feels exceptionally special with each board and plank.


From a choice of plank, wide plank, super wide plank, herringbone, chevron, geometric and panels there is no need to compromise when choosing a wood floor. Our Create collection features its own unique design system that allows you to precisely mix and match different tones and formats.

From specialist wooden floors to a collection of classic tones, there’s a design to suit all tastes. No form of flooring can match up to the sheer amount of options wood provides. As a natural material which has been at the forefront of interior design for centuries, wood flooring comes in a seemingly never-ending array of designs.

When it comes to patterns, there’s everything from modern geometric patterns to innovative parquetry available. When it comes to wood flooring, there’s no need to create something plain and unimaginative. The substantial amount of design on offer separates wood floors from the rest.


See what makes each species of wood unique – from the distinctive cat claw knots of Pippy Burr Oak to the contrasting black streaks of the grain found in Morado wood. We have a wide range of wood species available with various benefits. From lighter tones to traditional earthy oaks, there’s a huge array of wooden species available

Among the most popular species, aged European oak is packed with character and a truly natural tone. For something a little more striking and out of the ordinary, there’s the deep tones of American black walnut flooring – an impactful design choice full of heart and depth. This is a mere drop in ocean when looking at the amount of wooden species they are. For pure choice alone, wooden flooring is a superb choice for various projects.


Engineered wood flooring brings extra stability and life long performance. Made using layers of wood that run in a different directions to ensure durability and stability. This reduces the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract making it possible to have a wood floor if you have underfloor heating. The benefits provided by this top of the range floor type makes wood flooring a great choice.

Precision made engineered wood flooring forms a solid bond, heightening the strength of the overall structure. This makes the floor more resilient and protected against heavy impacts. For commercial buildings or areas which experiences notable levels of foot traffic, there’s no better option than engineered wood flooring.


If cared for it can look like new for years to come with also the option to restore and refurbish multiple times allowing the natural beauty of the floor to last a lifetime. As well as being durable, wood flooring is also a timeless design which will never go out of style. It can be fashioned with a variety of styles, contrasting effortlessly against modern home décor and creating earthy tones in a farmhouse chic interior.

Wood floorings appeal has endeared for centuries and forms the cornerstone of many homes and commercial spaces. Should it become damaged due to wear and tear, it’s also more simple to refine and repair in comparison with other flooring types. To get up to scratch with your maintenance routines, consult our floor care guides for expert advice and guidance.

To add Ted Todd flooring to your property, browse our entire section of high quality wooden flooring.

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