The Story Of Our Dark Colonial Teak

Covering earth and air, is the story of Dark Colonial Teak.

We travelled almost 5,000 miles to reclaim this history-packed Burmese Teak from South East Asia, which was living at the heart of colonial homes until we were granted the exclusive opportunity to take the boards back to our Cheshire workshop.

It naturally resists decay, insects, rot and is aptly nicknamed ‘the King of the Hardwoods’ due to its extreme stability, hence why it was selected for use in these East Asian homes throughout the centuries.

To preserve remaining forests, new Teak has become a controlled timber by the Indonesian government.

As a result of it no longer being freely available, it’s become increasingly more difficult to obtain, making it one of the rarest species of wood in the world, which is why are so proud of own this Rare Find.

colonial teak detail

Teak is known for its beautiful, tight grain and ages gracefully to a regal silver tone. Native to these tropics, it is valued for both its stunning look and exceptional durability.

Making this rare Teak such a rich, dark colour was a happy accident after some of the Teak was stained accidentally, creating this beautiful deep tone. We loved it so much, we repeated the process, creating Dark Colonial Teak.

Carefully repaired knots and an undulating texture are key features of these engineered brushed and soft-sanded boards which are available as random width planks to maintain a natural reclaimed wood feel when laid.

Unlike new Teak, this reclaimed Teak in our Rare Finds is entirely sustainable, meaning it is all natural both inside and out. Choosing this wood floor for your upcoming project is an inspirational choice both environmentally and visually, but given the rarity of reclaimed Teak, this earthly beauty wont be available forever.