Complement Your Floor with a Rug

Choosing the right wooden floor for a space is a delicate art, so it only makes sense that selecting the right furnishings to sit alongside them is given the same level of care and attention. Rugs, for example can perfectly complement our solid or engineered wood floors, adding an aesthetic and practical element to any room.

Our friends at Industville are masters of rug design, handcrafting beautiful, natural, and environmentally-conscious rugs that sit perfectly with your Ted Todd floor. Read on to explore how an extra layer underfoot can elevate your interior style.

Ryhill Wide Plank, Project Collection, C/O Industville, Braco Hand Tufted Rug.

Why choose a rug?


At Ted Todd, we pride ourselves on durable, quality wood flooring, however wear and tear is unavoidable even in the most careful of homes. High-traffic areas like hallways are more vulnerable to scratches and dents – placing down a stylish runner not only catches dust, dirt, and spills, but also creates an effective barrier against abrasion of all types.

A fashionable area rug creates a cushion against large and heavy furniture items – such as dining tables and sofas – absorbing the weight and keeping your Ted Todd flooring pristine for years to come.

Natural wooden floors are also photosensitive, which means that UV rays may affect the flooring in spaces that catch a lot of sunlight. Exposure to sun over long periods of time may result in bleaching or darkening of your floors, impacting the original aesthetic. While a number of our floor finishes and care systems offer UV protection, a rug in a light shade is a great alternative to retain the quality of your floors.

Ryhill Extra Wide Plank, Project Collection
Ryhill Extra Wide Plank, Project Collection.

A Softer Sound

Rugs are ideal for busy family homes with lots of footfall. A large rug beneath the dining room table, a bright children’s rug in the playroom, or a durable runner in the hall can soften the clicks and clacks of everyday life.


Rugs are a multi-purpose furnishing. They can enhance the sense of cosiness in a space, providing an extra layer of insulation in colder seasons. They can also tie a room together with a splash of colour, an interesting texture, or a statement pattern.

Like quality wooden floors, rugs can absolutely be investment pieces. Even simply changing the location or orientation of a rug can give a room a refreshed feel, embracing the longevity and versatility of a well-crafted rug.

When thinking about introducing rugs in conjunction with underfloor heating, some considerations must be made. Select more lightweight rugs made of all-natural fibres, such as wool, with a low Tog rating to ensure effective heat conduction. Heat trapping can dry out wood floors, causing colour fading, delamination, and warping of planks.


Once you’ve decided how and where to utilise rugs in your home, next to consider is how to style them with your Ted Todd flooring.

Fawn Plank, Create Collection.

Dark Wood Floors

Sophisticated, elegant, and timeless, dark wood flooring creates a dramatic atmosphere complimented well by lighter coloured rugs, which can bring a subtle brightness to your space. Stylish cooler-toned dark wood flooring such as Fawn harmonise well with subtle greys or cool whites, or can even contrast boldly with Industville’s Heath rug in striking blue.

Inviting, warmer-toned dark wood floors like Salcey shine around earthy creams and browns, even more so when utilising a rich statement rug like Kew.

Salcey Extra Wide Plank, Crafted Textures Collection.

Medium Wood Floors

Versatile and adaptable, medium wood is the perfect foundation for creating any mood. Emphasise the natural character of the wood’s grain, sap, and knot patterns by selecting warm greens, browns, and beiges. Pair the blonde hues of Ryhill Plank with Industville’s Oxham rug in calming teal.

Ryhill Wide Plank, Project Collection, C/O Industville, Dipton Hand Woven Jute Rug.

Light Wood Floors

Bright and fresh, light wood creates space even in the smallest of rooms and can be paired with furnishings that are fair or dark, warm or cool.

Pastel blue, pink, and cream can further brighten our popular light wood floor Brindle Herringbone. Alternatively, fuller tones like navy blue and Irish green can add depth to a room, creating a centrepiece. Introduce splashes of colour to bridge this gap with styles such as the Emlyn rug, or play on the subtleties of light wood flooring by contrasting with a bold texture such as shag wool.

Brindle Herringbone, Project Collection.

Flooring Pattern

Herringbone, chevron, parquet, or plank; choosing the right rug for a space is essential to finding balance and harmony in its design.

For geometric laying patterns, continue the style by opting for geometric designs, echoing the lines of the flooring. Select designs that mirror the triangular flow of chevron and herringbone floors.

Plank flooring elongates the room, evoking a timeless, classic character. Choose similarly-styled rugs with long lines, leading the eye further into the space.

Where to next?

If you’re searching for the perfect area rug for your Scandinavian-inspired living room, or something more durable for your busy entryway, look no further than our esteemed friends at Industville.

Already chosen your dream rug and are building your room around it? Browse our extensive range of quality wood floors to complete the vision.