The Best Wood Flooring for Living Rooms

The Best Wood Flooring for Living Rooms

In this article, we’re going to help you find the best wood flooring for your living room.

The living room is, without a doubt, the most used room in your house. It’s a place to spend time with family and to unwind. This means it’s vitally important you get the interior design just right. Of course, this includes choosing your ideal wood flooring.  

husk herringbone

Things to Consider…

  • How often your living room is used
  • Care and maintenance
  • Design, style, and the colour scheme of your space

The Best Type of Hardwood for Living Rooms

To sustain a reasonably regular stream of traffic, living room flooring should be highly durable. Solid wood and engineered wood flooring are both fantastic types of wood to choose from for durability. They are both constructed differently but in a manner that makes them extremely strong and hard-wearing. They are ideal for living areas in your home.

Living Room Floor Design

The best living room flooring design ideas are ones that perfectly set the tone for your desired style. The colour, pattern, texture, and design of your floors will all have an impact on the room’s atmosphere. Flooring can help you create an inviting and friendly space, whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style.

Modern Style

Engineered wood plank flooring is a popular choice for living room spaces. It offers a modern and versatile design that will work with all interior design trends. Add natural warmth to your living space through colour and medium-toned wood. Or you can encourage relaxation and calm with a pale wood floor.

If your walls follow a light colour scheme, add contrast with black or grey wood flooring. We have styling advice on black wood flooring and grey wood floor interior design ideas if this is your colour of choice.

Traditional Aesthetics

For a classic, timeless design there are herringbone, chevron, and parquet wood flooring patterns that will add character to your front room. Their unique pattern is great for large rooms or to make small spaces seem larger. Beautifully stylish, each pattern will work seamlessly with your living room interior design.

How to Care for Your Living Room Floor

Because of hardwood flooring’s robust and sturdy nature, they can be sanded and refinished when they begin to show signs of wear if they have a minimum 4mm wear layer. Or you can use one of our floor care systems to buff scratches out. Depending on how well they’re cared for, living room wood floors can last for decades.

To prolong the wood’s life make sure you wipe up any spillages as quickly as possible. There are also a few safety precautions you can take to prevent scratches from happening, especially if you have pets or children. Continue to read on as we share more care advice.

Living room sitting area, with blue toned furniture in a large spacious room.
Bespoke Herringbone in the Corinthia Hotel

How to Prevent Scratches on Your Living Room Wood Floor

  • Add mats by entrances.
  • Add protective felt pads to the legs of the furniture.
  • Clean regularly to remove dirt, grit, and dust.

On a Final Note…

Hardwood flooring is best for living rooms as it’s both durable and stylish. Wood brings many benefits to your home and you can enjoy it for many years to come. If you need any further advice on the best type of wood flooring for living rooms, get in touch with the Ted Todd team here.