How To Style Black Wood Flooring

Black wood flooring will always bring an element of luxury and elegance to your home or commercial space. Whether it be obsidian, ink, charcoal, or jet black, the deeper tones of dark wood flooring give warmth and comfort to a room by creating contrast. It is therefore no surprise how popular black wood is within interior design.

A black wood floor creates a bold design statement. When it’s styled with the perfect balance of light and colour, it will transform a room with charm and sophistication. To help you understand how you can achieve a flawless balance, here we explore style and colour ideas that will give a room a striking aesthetic with black flooring.

Featured floor: Ralston Plank, Editions

Understanding the Characteristics of Wood Floor

Before you start to consider how to design your room, it is important you thoroughly understand the room’s size and the characteristics of the wood floor. This means comprehending the wood’s pattern and shape.

Black wood flooring comes in a variety of different styles. This includes plank wood floors which will give space a completely different look to parquet wood flooring, for example. They both have their own beautifully unique design which will influence your interior design choices. Let’s look at how they can impact the look and feel of your room…

Plank Wood Flooring

Compact areas will benefit from black plank wood laid down the length of the room to elongate the space. It will give the room a modern look and also give you the creative freedom to choose any style of furniture as it is very versatile.

Parquet Wood Flooring

Traditional black parquet flooring will look fantastic in larger spaces and can give your traditional or modern home a classic and contemporary twist, adding a touch of opulence.

Of course, there are more designs to choose from. At Ted Todd we have a vast range of black wood flooring designs – take a look here.  

Featured floor: Ollerton Plank, Project

Understanding Colour

Once you have decided on the type of black wood floor and the overall look you want to achieve, it is next time to think about the colour scheme of the room. This will help you decide on a colour for furniture, your walls and accessories.

Whether you choose a more traditional or modern interior design, black has complementing colours to take note of. In general, if you have black hardwood flooring, choose a lighter wall colour. You can add contrasting colours if you want each component of your room to stand out.

Colour also plays a vital part in a room’s mood. The psychology of colour looks closely into the meaning of colour and the emotions they can evoke. For this reason, consider what your room is going to be used for.

Complementing Colours

So, what colours will complement a black wood floor? And what mood will they create?     

Cool White

White perfectly complements black wood flooring creating the ultimate contrast of colour. When done correctly white will give a space a contemporary and modern feel. In colour psychology white means purity. It’s crucial however, you find the right white which may sound odd but there are many shades of white to look out for. Avoid whites with yellow or pink undertones. Instead, find a white with undertones of grey. 

Light Grey

In colour psychology, grey is the colour of compromise. This is understandable as it is neither white nor black, but somewhere in between. It is a flexible colour that works well with a black floor and all furniture. Choose a grey with undertones of beige, blue, green, or taupe to enhance the colour of black.

Light Blue

Blues are calming and relaxing seeking peace and tranquillity. They contrast nicely with black hardwood floors. When it comes to blue, lighter is often better in common areas such as living rooms and family rooms, but dark, rich blues have been popular for a number of years. Due to the calming meanings attached to blue, it is also great for bedrooms.

Subtle Green

Green can also work with black floors. Go for a green with blue or grey undertones. In colour psychology, the colour green relates to balance and harmony and will renew your connection to nature. Sage green is set to be huge in the coming months, while forest green has been popular for a couple of years.

Dark Grey, Blue, and Navy

When used sparingly, darker hues can add drama to a room. Whilst some designers would recommend contrasting lighter colours, don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colours on accent walls for a dramatic effect.

Featured floor: Deimos Plank, Parquetry


When choosing furniture to style with black wood flooring, try light-coloured furnishings. This will help to achieve a harmonious feel and will make your room look larger. The contrast of colours will provide a sense of space.

Don’t worry if you already have a room full of furniture that you don’t want to replace, just make sure you paint your walls a light colour to create that bold statement we all want to achieve with black wood flooring.   

Stylish Accessories

Finally, let’s talk about accessories. Black flooring on its own can be empowering, transforming a room into an interior designer’s dream. Therefore, if you want a minimalistic contemporary look, you do not have to spend an awful lot of time dressing a room up with accessories. Let the floor do all the talking.

On the other hand, various interior design trends are going to require a little more thought when it comes to accessorising. For example, for a botanical design, plants and woven fabrics are going to look amazing. And for an urban style, experiment with rugs and cushions with striking patterns.

As a rule, when it comes to picking out textiles, wall art, and decorative pieces to complement a black wood floor in homes and commercial spaces, refer to the colour advice we talked about earlier.

Featured floor: Ebony Herringbone, Superwide

Closing Thoughts

Black wood flooring looks amazing in both homes and commercial spaces. You can really create a sensationally bold room design by contrasting the colours of the floor, walls, and furniture. If you need any further advice on black floor designs or if you need help finding the perfect black flooring for your next project, get in touch with the Ted Todd team here.