Hospitality Interiors Roundtable Event

Hospitality Interiors is the leading commercial interior design publication, which we are proud to have partnered with throughout 2022 to deliver collaborative industry news, share some of most prestigious Woodworks hotel and restaurant case studies and showcase the extensive range of flooring across a wide range of specification needs from our Ted Todd collections.

This 6 month collaboration cumulated with an invite-only networking event with some of the most critically acclaimed Commercial Architects and Designers in the UK. Alongside Hospitality Interiors, we hosted an exciting roundtable event at London’s Jumeirah Calton Tower in October, where designers and hoteliers met with our flooring experts to discuss the hottest topics in hospitality design. Linda Zorlutuna and Sarah Thorpe from our Business Development team had the opportunity to engage with various leaders within the hospitality industry, including Jan Hazelton, Marco Ginez, Naomi Heaton and more…

Read the full article in the flipping book below, or pick up December’s Issue of Hospitality Interiors today.

Hospitality Interiors Round Table Event 2022

Discussion topics ranged from the current state of the leisure industry and how Covid has impacted the way hotels are now being designed. Talk eventually turned to flooring and its overall impact on a hotel project. Tara Bernard & Partners studio director Dimos Giorgou said he felt flooring was an integral part of a hotel’s overall design, “Sound absorption is something the right flooring can help with – flooring doesn’t just soften the look, but the sound as well.”

“Flooring is very important, it’s the only thing you feel as a constant – the main thing you connect with, so we spend a lot of time specifying the flooring.” – Dimos Giorgou

All agreed that collaboration within design was key to the success of any project and that manufacturers such as the team at Woodworks should be utilised for their knowledge and expertise. As creators of extraordinary British-made new, reclaimed and antique wood floors, Woodworks offers modern organic designs for understated elegance, appreciating the perfect imperfections of nature.

Our dedicated team are always on hand to support architects, designers, developers and commercial flooring contractors across the UK. With almost 30 years of experience in the wood flooring industry we have seen and done it all and are unfazed by even the most difficult of spaces. Call 0800 880 7123 to speak to one of our commercial wood flooring specification consultants for further information.