Happy Hygge: Flooring For Hygge Interior Design

When you think of Scandinavian interiors, light, pale schemes come to mind with an emphasis on elegant clean lines and functionality. This may seem perfect in summer, but what about the long, dark, cold winter months? It seems the Danes have that covered too, through the concept of Hygge, pronounced ‘heur-ga’

As the days get shorter, now is the time to cosy up in a happy place of your own. Hygge is a popular way of adding a homely feel to any space. Here, we take a look at the cheerful design principles of hygge, their benefits, and how flooring plays a part.

What Is Hygge?

Hygge is an important concept in Scandinavian homes, especially in the colder months of the year when there is little light in the afternoons, where the use of natural materials alongside layered textures such as soft throws and cushions create a warm and tranquil space. Hygge is the content feeling you get from the simple pleasures in life – curling up with a cup of tea while it rains outside or hiking through fields and hills on a crisp autumn afternoon.

What Are The Characteristics Of Hygge Design?

Hygge is all about comfort. Think winter days curled up on the sofa in your thickest blanket levels of comfort. More than that, Hygge is a state of mind and a philosophy with set principles and characteristics.

Essentially, Hygge relates to happiness, warmth, and cosiness. As such, Hygge design attempts to capture these feelings, applying them to your home. Neutrality and simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Hygge – as we explain further into this article.

How To Hygge Your Home

The Scandinavian look pairs pale, whitewashed floors with neutral backdrops, simple details and lots of warm lighting to create a calm, understated aesthetic. Natural wood elements are a fundamental part of a Scandinavian scheme as they lend a feeling of warmth and texture to a room, whilst still keeping it light and bright.

Adding in a couple of central pieces such as statement lighting or monochrome prints can really help to create a sophisticated interior that is true to its Nordic roots – lamps in warm metals alongside lots of candles create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere.

Hygge Flooring Tips

Flooring is an important consideration when creating a hygge home. After all, flooring sets the foundations of the whole room and takes up a large chunk of the surface space. With this in mind there are things to consider when choosing the right flooring for hygge.

Always keep the hygge’s core concepts of simplicity and happiness in mind when making your choices. One of the best ways to get these characteristics across in your design is through colour. Neutral tones, such as walnuts and oaks are perfect for hygge floors.

Be sure not to go too wild with rich colouring or daring textures. Keep patterns to a minimum and focus on smooth, cheerful designs. A happy blend of authenticity and light tones is just the ticket when it comes to hygge design.

Flooring Options For Hygge Interior Design

Wooden floors, due to their earthy aesthetics and texture, are a match made in heaven for a hygge designer. Many of our most popular floors are the perfect partner for a Scandi interior.

Fleece from our Warehouse collection is whitewashed with an undulating texture, making it very on-trend and extremely popular. There are saw marks and natural knots across the boards for a really natural yet modern feel. Combine with white walls, geometric prints and wooden chairs with sheepskin throws for a comfortable yet simple interior.

For a more traditional feel, Almond from our Project collection or Selborne from our Classic Naturals collection are great, authentic choices.

Almond is a wood floor with a natural tone that brings warmth to a room. The nature grade boards allow for characterful knots, whilst the brushing technique used during its manufacturing create a beautiful, gentle texture. Pair with pale grey walls and whitewashed wooden units for a soft monochromatic feel, or add a bright throw to your sofa for a splash of colour.

Selborne offers an organic tone with a clean uniform appearance that has been lightly brushed to reveal the natural grain detail of the oak. Use alongside a feature wall, white woodwork and knitted cushions scattered across a plush sofa for a calm and comforting space.

Accessorising Around Your Hygge Flooring

So you’ve got your main pieces and a cool, calming floor in place. Next step is to accentuate the cosiness which oozes from these features. Adding hygge room accessories is the finishing touch to large and small spaces alike.

One way to add an extra feeling of comfort to your floor is through textured rugs. For example, a soft sheepskin or wool rug is a hallmark of that classic hygge style. In fact, natural materials in general are the way to go here. An authentically hygge material, a thick area rug is exceptionally inviting and evokes warmth.

In terms of other accessories for your hygge home, a straightforward table lamp is a must. Similarly, adding wood-look tiles to the hearth of a fireplace is another superb way to accentuate the hygge design.

Potted plants are another way to breathe life into your hygge space. It’s all about creating somewhere you feel at ease, and having some leafy greens contrasting against a white ceramic pot is sure to be a winner. Candles, blankets, and wooden bookshelves are all cheerful options which will make your home all the more inviting.

Of course, one of the main principles of hygge is simplicity. As such, we want to be avoiding clutter where possible, so be economical with your use of accessories. Having said that, follow your instincts and tastes when adding accessories – just be sure to keep your happy place nice and neutral.

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