Protect your floor this summer


The floor care protection you need this Summer to prevent stains, scratches and sun damage.

Summertime can mean lots of feet and paws coming in and out of your home, bringing in dirt and dust which can sometimes be a danger to your floor, as well as the added risk of the sun fading them.

With simple maintenance required to prevent irreparable long-term damage caused by summer, knowing how to prevent this is key. We are revealing our five top tips on the best ways to take care of wooden flooring during the summer months, whether it’s a highly used area or an area exposed to direct sunlight.

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1. Remove dust with soft brushes

A wooden floor should be swept regularly, with a focus on areas that are used the most often. Frequently used rooms can attract a lot of dirt on wood floors and with a lot of time spent outdoors during summer, this will be brought into the house. A wooden floor should always be swept with a soft bristle brush to prevent damage such as stains and small scratches to the wood. Once this is done if you later decide to vacuum ensure that you use suitable attachments.

2. Protect floors from sunlight

Last summer saw temperatures of more than 40°C which can cause some issues for wooden floors. Sun damage is unfortunately something that you can’t account for but can sometimes impact your floors by causing slight discolouration and fading or in some cases warping if the wood gets too warm. By taking some simple precautions you can help prevent these issues. Make sure to close blinds or curtains during the day in rooms that don’t receive much natural ventilation and are in direct sunlight. If you are unable to do this or like to keep your room bright, place large rugs in areas that face the window, this will protect your floor from the sun and also soak up some of the heat, however, take into account that areas that are covered may discolour at a different rate to exposed areas.

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3. Place mats and rugs near entrances

It is important to protect your floor at door entrances. Doormats are a great way to keep floors clean especially during summer when we spend more time tending to our gardens or letting our children play outside. This in turn increases the amount of dirt and stones brought inside, which can cause scratches to wooden floors. This extra protection will also stop excess moisture from going into the floor on the occasions that your children run in after being out in the paddling pool or having water fights. Ensure that the mat or rug is dried thoroughly afterwards, as it may cause the wood to absorb too much water and ruin its look.

4. Remove shoes to prevent moisture

Keeping shoes on that are damp or full of dirt underneath can leave permanent marks. A common misconception with wood floors is that marks can be removed easily, but this isn’t always the case. Get into the habit of leaving your shoes at the door, swapping them into slippers or other dry footwear when entering the house to prevent this. Stains may naturally occur from everyday life but this approach will lower the chance of an accidental but potentially serious error. If there are wet marks it is important to clean them immediately to preserve the finish of the wood floor and stop warping from water damage.

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5. Use our Floor Care Systems

The best way to your keep floor looking its best is to use our Ted Todd Floor Care Systems. The Care System needed depends on the tone and finish of your floor, whether it has a lacquer or oil finish, so make sure to use the correct one to prolong the life of your wood floor and allow it to look in good condition for decades. We recommend that you avoid generic cleaners as they contain harmful chemicals which can damage your floor. We offer a full range of floor care products made especially for Ted Todd floors making them easy to maintain. These can be purchased at our online store.

We want you to appreciate your floor for years to come and by taking some straightforward actions this will prevent issues further down the line, so you can enjoy both your floor and summer at the same time!

Image Credits: Anne-Marie Leigh Interiors, Nick Smith Photography, K and T Interiors, ATC Flooring, Amazing Productions & PMC Flooring.