Woodworks Design Led Sustainability

Bespoke design in an art form, which naturally steers Woodworks in a creative direction.

This, coupled with our deep-routed commitment to preserving natural resources, means we always endeavour to design responsibly.

Time is our greatest investment. Each one of our experts have spent years learning their craft, and each Woodworks floor or object is slowly and handcrafted from the very best responsibly sourced material.

We push back against the throw-away mentality of modern life that can sometimes undermine our ability to leave a legacy. Designed to be admired for decades, choosing bespoke goes against the grain of unsustainable fast-fashion interiors.

As responsible designers in today’s world we believe that, sustainability must be an integral part of the design process – products should not only be environmentally friendly but human friendly too.

Bharat Chaudhary

None of our creations are ever designed for single use. Every Woodworks project – be it fine-tailored flooring, textured wall cladding or even architectural details such as treats and risers, reveals and bespoke joinery – is crafted to last a lifetime; a long-standing investment that will endure for centuries.

Our aim is that our work will form part of a building’s architectural heritage for generations to come.

Sustainability is integral to our artistry. All our bespoke floors have genuine reclaimed, FSC C013040, or PEFC credentials included as standard, simply because we believe this is the right thing to do.

From carefully sourcing certified timbers from around the globe, to slowly air-drying the wood for greater dimensional stability and even carefully working the surface of the wood by hand to showcase its natural movement, our creative process is unrivalled. Nothing is rushed in the creation of a lifetime floor.