Woodworks Flooring For Large-Scale Projects

For over 25 years we’ve been gathering unrivalled reserves of rare and historic woods, which have been used in some of the largest, most prestigious projects across the globe. 

From 50,000 ft² of Reclaimed Oak on every surface of the Treehouse Hotel project in Marylebone, to the £50million restoration of a period motor yacht using Antique Teak, Pitch Pine, Walnut and Yew, to Google London Headquarters, featuring over 600,000ft² of our European Oak throughout, in wood terms, we have seen and done it all. 

Our capability is second-to-none meaning that you can rely on us to deliver your largest projects thanks to in-house production at our Cheshire workshops, a unique stock of raw materials and unrivalled know-how when working with all range of wood species.

We can deliver projects over 100,000ftᶟ, and it doesn’t just have to be about quantity as we have a tremendous number of antique, reclaimed and new wood floors, all ready to inject comfort, style and character into your design.

Let us transform your next large project into something memorable with carefully-crafted wood floors like these…

War Office Pine

It’s not often that the opportunity to own wood with such great historical importance presents itself. This reclaimed British Colombian Pine was privy to the private conversations of Prime Ministers and key influential figures during both World Wars. Carefully reclaimed from the Old War Office, an iconic landmark in London, it will soon get a new custodian, who will have the privilege of writing the next chapter in its incredible story. 


Respecting the heritage of old English Oak floors used in some of England’s historic country houses, Galion is an understated yet luxurious new wood floor. Creating new wood floors that emulate the look of an antique floor is no mean feat, but we believe that in Galion, our craftsmen have achieved a signature look that is authentic, traditional and true to Antique Oak floors perfect for projects that need to include the distinctive feel of centuries-old oak. 

Galion plank native timbers roomshot mid slider

Colonial Burmese Teak

Native to the tropics, Teak is valued for both its beauty and durability. Teak naturally resists decay, insects, rot and is aptly nicknamed “the king of the hardwoods” due to its extreme stability. We’ve traversed the globe to sustainably source the most beautiful reclaimed Teak, which has stood the tests of weather, land and sea throughout its lifecycle; its next test is for you to decide. 

So next time you’re looking to cover a large expanse, consider Woodworks by Ted Todd’s vast holding of floors for both classic and contemporary projects and get in touch with our expert team for more information on which of our floors are most suitable for large-scale designs.