2022 – Our most sustainable year yet

As we enter 2022, we are sure many of you will have made some New Year’s resolutions. Here at Ted Todd, we have made some eco-friendly commitments to ensure 2022 is our most sustainable year yet.

88% of New Year’s resolutions fail, but if you’ve made a commitment to a healthier planet, a Ted Todd floor is the perfect place to start.

To find out about all our current and upcoming resolutions, download our free sustainability approach.

Everyone wants their home to be filled with sustainable materials. They protect our environment and contribute to a healthier Earth for future generations.

But just because a product is labelled recyclable, or made from recycled materials, does not mean that it is a sustainable one.

We’ve been led to believe that recycled and sustainable are synonymous, when they are anything but.

– Maxine Bédat of the New Standard Institute for fashion

By definition, something sustainable is meant to last. Take our wood floors for example. We design them with a lifetime of usage in mind (which is reflected in our guarantee) and some of our floors have already experienced hundreds of years of experience in a variety of spaces.

sustainable - woodblock 3

This means that our floors generate much less wastage and pollution in the manufacturing and installation process. We make a floor once, and you use it for life; this makes them sustainable.

Compare this with recycled plastic. Whilst this is much better for the environment than non-recyclable, using 76% less energy in the process, these plastics have to go through the manufacturing process multiple times in their lifecycle, using up precious energy at multiple stages in its lifecycle.

Glass fares even worse, using just 21% less energy when recycled.

Recyclability and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive, and thoughtful choices, such as a wooden floor, are of great benefit to our planet’s survival.

Ted Todd offer an exceptional portfolio of wood flooring which is both recyclable and sustainable, with more FSC, PEFC and UKTR choices than ever before in 2022.

“90% of our products are already FSC and PEFC certified, it’s my goal to get this to 100% in the next few years.”

Jon Ashbrook, Head of Product Development, Ted Todd

Ted Todd company values

A core value within the company at Ted Todd is to ensure that our business model is environmentally sustainable and that the woods we use for our new and handmade floors are too.

Key indicators that drive our development and against which we measure our success include:

– Providing long-life products that will stand the test of time.

– To design and make floors that have a minimal adverse environmental impact.

– Offer flooring solutions that can help reduce atmospheric CO2. This means that almost exclusively we will use wood as our base raw material.

– Reclaim and repurpose previously used wood for 20% of our sales.

– Using only new woods originating from environmentally sustained, independently certified sources.