Spotlight: Our Green House Reno

Welcome to our latest spotlight blog, focusing on the renovation of a 1930s period home in Cornwall. We recently spoke with Ashleigh Rowe, the talented owner behind this stunning transformation and got an insight into why Standen herringbone was the best choice for her home. 

What kind of property do you reside in?

We live in a 1930s semi-detached period home in Cornwall. It is still a work in progress at the moment as we are currently in the middle of further renovations. We are also trying to restore some of the original features to stay in keeping with the building’s original 1930s feel.

standen herringbone kitchen
Standen Herringbone, Crafted Textures collection

Tell us a little bit about who you are and who you share your home with…

I’m Ash, a 31-year-old stay-at-home mama to two wildings. I have a daughter aged 6 and a 3-year-old son. My husband, Damian, owns the camping shop in town, a family-run business, opened by his Dad almost 50 years ago. We also share our home with our dog Ziggy Stardust, a big 2-year-old St. Bernard.

Which Ted Todd floor did you use and why did you choose it?

I chose Standen Herringbone from the Crafted Textures collection, which was used in our newly built kitchen extension.

We wanted to make the kitchen extension feel like it had always been a part of the house and fit in with the original architecture. Naturally, I was attracted to raw and rustic-looking materials and so Crafted Textures was a perfect choice. Standen herringbone looks so authentic, with no single block looking the same. It has beautiful knots and plenty of character without being too in your face. It blended perfectly with our pink and black shaker kitchen, whilst also adding warmth to the room with its golden tones.

standen herringbone kitchen open plan
Standen Herringbone, Crafted Textures collection

Tell us more about your renovation experience, what factors played a part when choosing the floor?

We had already picked out the colour and style of our kitchen and feel that this played a massive part when picking the flooring. We needed something that would complement the cabinetry without being too dramatic as we knew we would be going quite bold with the colours of our kitchen.

The extensive usage of this room also played a massive factor when it came to picking the flooring. We have 2 young children and a very large dog, so we needed the flooring to be durable, handle high traffic, and not mark easily if the kids and dog got a little carried away. Ted Todd floors are also easy to maintain when using the correct Floor Care System, making them a family-friendly floor. Standen herringbone has done just the job and even a year on it is truly standing the test of time.

Standen Herringbone, Crafted Textures collection

How would you describe your interior style?

I always find this one such a hard question to answer as I’m still trying to figure it out myself! We are working hard to reinstall as many of the original features as we can in our period home. Therefore I would say that I’m a bit of a traditionalist but with a modern twist and a big lover of black interiors; whether it’s woodwork, paint or a bold piece of furniture. I also class myself as a bit of a maximalist when it comes to our home interiors, especially shown with the leopard print stools in our kitchen and the array of bold patterned wallpaper throughout the rest of the house.

standen herringbone kitchen and nursery
Standen Herringbone, Crafted Textures collection

Thank you to Ashleigh and her family for sharing her home with us. If you would like to see more of her renovation journey click here: our_greenhouse_reno

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