A Royal Walk Through Timber History


Throughout the past three decades, we have been privileged to reclaim and restore antique woods from all around the globe as part of our Woodworks portfolio.

These woods also originate from a variety of historical periods, which are often typified by the British monarch who reigned during the time. Each of these monarchs had their own unique personality, just like our reclaimed and restored floors.

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee of we invite you to experience the very best reclaimed antique woods from some of Britain’s most influential monarchical reigns.

1509 Henry The VIII

Ancient Elm (1520)

Rich in character and texture, it is hard to beat the rustic charm of antique original face Elm. This is one our oldest and most magnificent woods, featuring perfect imperfections and characterful details throughout. The wood has been dated to 1520, during the middle of King Henry VIII’s reign.

Antique Pitch Pine (1630)

Ever since Charles I landed at Charlestown this wood has been a material valued by the navy – shipped across to the West Coast of Great Britain and used to build our industrial heartlands in the 19th century. Charles claimed every piece of this exceptional material as his own, marking the beams with his personal seal.

1760 Charles III

Antique English Oak (1785)

Our English Oak is often referred to as ‘Parkland Oak’ because it was allowed to grow wild, making it a unique wood much like George’s unique reign. It requires expert skill to use on floors, with the restoration stage requiring the use of our artisans’
most careful handcrafting techniques.

Plus, with absolutely no built-in obsolescence you can rest assured the longevity of our real wood floors will continue for many years to come.

Bridgewater Pine (1860)

This North American Pitch Pine was reclaimed from the Bridgewater Docks on the banks of the River Mersey. The wood itself dates back to 1860 and is dimensionally one of the most impressive woods we’ve ever reclaimed due to its extraordinary width. It’s also incredibly hardwearing and strong, much like the reign of Queen Victoria.

War Office Pine (1910)

We’re very fortunate to be the custodians of beams from the Old War Office. This neo-baroque building in London’s Whitehall, built in 1901, became the administration centre of the British Army during both World Wars. This pine’s charming appearance reflects the personality of the monarch of the day, Edward VII.

Galion English Oak (2022)

The floor of Kings and Queens, Galion is crafted using the finest English Oak. Sourced responsibly from woodlands across the UK the oak is Quarter Sawn, making it a rare and beautiful commodity, with exceptionally straight grain patterns and medullary rays throughout. Boasting a 6-8mm wear layer, this floor offers remarkable longevity -just like our longest-reigning monarch.

We have floors that even outdate these monarchs, with some of our woods pushing 1,000 years in age. If you’d like to speak to us about using these floors in your project, please get in touch via hello@tedtodd.co.uk