Spotlight: Our 1930s Project

Welcome to the newest blog in our Spotlight series, where we’ll be shining a light on some of our favourite interior designers, stylists, architects and Instagrammers, discovering the inspirations behind their projects and how they’ve used Ted Todd floors.

This week, we spoke to Zoe of ‘Our 1930s Project’, an Instagram account that follows the renovation of Zoe and Chris’ home. You can follow their progress on Instagram @our1930sproject.

Featured floor: Belvoir

Tell us a little about who you are and why you created your Instagram account?

We’re Zoe and Chris from @our1930sproject. As the name suggests when we bought our house back in 2017 it needed a complete overhaul. We created the account to document the journey of our first renovation from demolition to the interior design. With a tight budget we did a lot of it ourselves.
We love to take on the challenge of completing projects ourselves and I’d say our account takes a practical approach-posting the how-to steps so that others can follow. We’ve found it snowballs quickly and we’ve taken on bigger projects recently that we’d never have attempted before.

How would you describe your design style? 

I would say I’m heavily influenced by classic styles and try to achieve a timeless aesthetic that won’t age quickly. I do lean towards mixing in an industrial edge.

What is your main inspiration when decorating your home?

I love honest and humble materials and keep a palette inspired by nature. You’ll find lots of natural wood, browns, greens and neutrals in my house. A holiday to Japan gave me an appreciation for the beauty in simplicity of design and how using natural elements can create a calm and peaceful feel.

Featured floor: Belvoir

What has been your favourite project in your home so far?

The most recent project is usually my favourite so it changes all the time! We’ve recently finished building in storage under the stairs so that we have pull out drawers to store all the shoes, it’s transformed our hall and we’re really proud to have completed it ourselves.

What current interior design trends are you a fan of?

I love crittal doors, big picture windows and use of glazing in interesting ways! I’d love to do a project using polished concrete too-maybe for the worktop of an outdoor kitchen area. Oh and I’m fully on board with using plants and foliage as decor in the home-both real and faux! 

Featured floor: Belvoir
Featured floor: Belvoir

Have you got any exciting projects in your home coming up?

Yes! Watch this space! Like most people over the last 12 months we’ve been focusing on enhancing our outside space and we’ve got a big project coming up which involves building a raised deck joining our house to the garden and a more seamless transition joining our indoor and outdoor space.

Which Ted Todd floor did you use, and why did you choose it?

We used the Belvoir Herringbone through our hall and kitchen-diner area. It’s a lovely warm oak and using it for most of the downstairs opened up the space. The herringbone pattern adds texture and warmth to the space too.

We also used 1 panel of Ted Todd’s elegant Parquet de Versailles range to make a coffee table top for our lounge. The panel is so incredibly hardwearing. It doesn’t scratch and we can literally place hot cuppas on it and there will be no ringmarks! I’m totally in love with the classical style of this as a floor too-it would definitely be my next floor of choice if I move house!

You can follow Zoe on Instagram at @our1930sproject.