Why Chevron Patterned Flooring Is A Timeless Design

Chevron wood flooring, much like fellow parquetry flooring designs such as herringbone, is a design that has been continually popular throughout the years.

Clean lines and a classic style are the key to the design’s continued success, which is experiencing a real resurgence of late.

Our Chevron floors are highly versatile, tying larger spaces together and making smaller ones feel much more spacious.

What is a chevron pattern?

The chevron pattern is defined by its iconic V-shape, which is known as a Hungarian Point.

Rectangular blocks meet end-to-end, rather than side-to-side like planks, at a 45-or-35-degree angle to create distinctive zig zags across the floor.

Whilst the angles are strict, the length of the chevron block can be changed to fit your project. Long, medium or short blocks have been used throughout the years and we have all manner of chevron flooring sizes in our portfolio.

This design is different to the herringbone format which meets side-to-end when creating a similar zig zag pattern. The angle at which the blocks sit is also a key difference. Visit our herringbone wood flooring page for more information on herringbone floors.

Chevron: A brief history

The chevron is a timeless design which has been around for centuries.

Romans discovered that arranging cobbled stone brick roads towards the traffic made them more stable. This was the first example of this geometric pattern being used beneath the feet, though the chevron design had appeared on Greek pottery as early as 1800 BC.

Skipping forward to the 1500s, the French truly bought this flooring design to prominence, installing chevron floors in chateaus and palaces. Western Europe embraced the French style by using the pattern in regal homes, castles and courts throughout the subsequent centuries.

It’s was also mainstay in royal emblems and heraldry designs throughout world monarchies during this timeframe, and is a key indicator for military rankings.

During the 1900s wood flooring, and as such the chevron pattern, experienced a decline in usage but around the turn of the millennium popularity rose again.

Nowadays chevron is as popular as it has ever been, sitting alongside herringbone as the most frequently used parquet style.

The design can still be seen far beyond flooring, appearing on anything from jewelry to bags to furniture.

Why is chevron patterned flooring so popular?

Chevron is popular due to its timelessly classic design.

The straight lines and points are simple but elegant, fitting in with modern minimal and vintage traditional design.

It’s also versatile in the design statement it creates. You can easily use chevron wood flooring as the key feature of a room or blend it into the background and allow other details to take the spotlight in your design.

Chevrons can also make the most of tight spaces, or really draw a large space together.

Lead people through hallways and corridors with the classic Hungarian point before expanding the design across and entire room for maximum effect.

A feeling of welcoming sophistication is another reason the chevron design has been so highly regarded over the years. Living rooms and kitchens are huge beneficiaries here, as the chevron pattern draws people in nicely.

This design is popular for both personal residential and commercial wood flooring, get in touch today to discuss how a chevron wood floor could fit into your upcoming project.

What types of chevron flooring would look good with my project?

A vast range of different colours are available in our chevron designs. From the indulgent darkness of Assier to the crisp light tone of Raw Cotton, you’ll find the perfect match for your project.

We’d even recommend blending two different coloured chevron floors together to create an exciting new design which you’re unlikely to see elsewhere.

Our Urban collection in particular does a brilliant job on this front. Pair dark Manhattan or Kentish with the copper tones of Gaslamp for example, to create an unforgettable design. This collection is represented by hand skip sawing, which adds texture to your chevron floor too.

All of our chevron floors are created using the highest quality European Oak and whether the floor is newly crafted or an antique from centuries ago you can rest assured knowing the wood has been sustainably sourced and has outstanding environmental credentials. More details of which can be found in our environmental section.


Chevron patterns have been prominent for centuries, particularly when it comes to wood flooring.

This is a trend that is set to continue as the current re-rise of parquetry looks set to continue throughout the coming years as designers look to more timeless and sustainable designs that last a lifetime.

In that sense, not many flooring patterns are more suitable than the effortlessly classic chevron.