How Wood Flooring Could Increase Your Property Value

Wooden flooring undoubtedly makes a property more aesthetically appealing, with it being well sought after and preferred by many homeowners over the likes of carpet and vinyl. In fact, in 2022, 88% of 2000 homeowners undertook home renos on some capacity, increasing their homes value. (

This claim was further backed by data from the Boutique Summer Home Report, highlighting that over one in five people spent money on flooring in 2022, showing many of us deem the choice of flooring to be an important aspect of home renovation. 

Here, we delve into this topic deeper and explore how wooden flooring can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

paperback herringbone, create collection, living room with orange and blue sofas and white rug.

Paperback Herringbone, Create Collection


Solid wood flooring can last a lifetime if looked after properly. Engineered wood flooring can also last many decades. This alone is massively appealing to new buyers as they likely won’t have to replace the flooring during their time in the property. Having a beautiful hardwood floor already in place also ensures flooring won’t need to be an additional expense that new buyers will have to factor into their budget when looking to move.

Wooden floors can also take heavy foot traffic, meaning it’s resilient to everyday use in a family or pet-friendly home, and won’t wear or dirty like carpet could. Data from Boutique’s home report shows that homeowners spent the most money on heavy traffic, and communal areas, such as the living room and the kitchen, suggesting that many are looking for high-quality, long-lasting furniture and furnishings.

Whilst wooden flooring is naturally durable, there are simple ways to increase its longevity with care and cleaning, reducing humidity within the room and using non-abrasive cleaning products – you can read our floor care guide here Ted Todd Guides.

santi herringbone, strada collection. Herringbone floor laid in a kitchen with white table and grey chairs.

Santi Herringbone, Strada Collection

Low maintenance

A huge advantage of wooden flooring in homes is that it is relatively low maintenance. They are extremely easy to clean as dirt can be picked up effortlessly through sweeping or hoovering and weekly, they only require a quick mop.  Most branded floor cleaners are solvent or bleached-based and will damage your floor, leading to discolouration. That’s why we always recommend using Ted Todd Floor Care Systems which have been expertly developed to ensure a floor’s longevity.

Should you spill something or bring in excess dirt, wooden flooring can be easily wiped, and stains are not as easily absorbed into wooden flooring as they are by carpet.

Interiors shot, white kitchen, blue island, wooden stools and Furrow plank wood floor

Furrow Plank, Warehouse Collection


Wooden floors are impressively versatile and provide a neutral base for any room. Being a natural material, they suit multiple room styles, from rustic to modern, making them extremely appealing to a wide range of buyers with different interior goals.

This flooring style looks effortlessly good and adds texture and warmth to the simplest of rooms.

petworth plank, project collection. Plank wood floors in an open plan kitchen with blue cabinets and a wooden table with clear acrylic chairs.

Petworth Plank, Project Collection


As well as versatility, wooden flooring boasts a classic, timeless look, making it a preferred choice for buyers. Wooden floors never go out of style and will always be attractive to even the most particular of buyers.

Many could be deterred by additional, expensive renovation tasks and may not want to factor this into their budget. Therefore, having a timeless wooden floor could be the deciding element for potential buyers.

furrow herringbone, warehouse

Furrow Herringbone, Warehouse Collection

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