Spotlight: The Venetian Pantry

Welcome to the newest blog in our Spotlight series, where we’ll be shining a light on some of our favourite interior designers, stylists, architects and Instagrammers, discovering the inspirations behind their projects and how they’ve used Ted Todd floors.

This week, we spoke to Martina of ‘The Venetian Pantry’, an Instagram account that follows the renovation of Martina’s home. You can follow her progress on Instagram @thevenetianpantry.

The Venetian Pantry kitchen with Terrazzo flooring

Tell us a little about who you are and why you created your Instagram account?

Hi there! My name is Martina, I am a graphic designer based in London but originally from a small town about an hour outside Venice. I have spent the past ten years in London, and last year my partner and I completed the two-years long renovation of our first home. I’ve always loved to host and couldn’t wait to share our new home with loved ones but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this hasn’t been possible until recently. I created this account bang in the middle of lockdown (in January 2021) as a way to bridge that social distance and share our home with friends and family. From there, it quickly grew into something more – giving me the chance to finally combine all my interests – design, photography and food – into one.

How would you describe your design style? 

I’d like to caveat my answer by saying that I think that taste is something that’s ever-changing and grows and morphs with you over time. I am now in my early thirties, and I find myself drawn more and more to simplicity, both in my graphic design work and interior choices. Having said that, when designing our home, what I was striving to achieve was a timeless aesthetic, something that didn’t follow trends that we’d get bored with easily. I realise that may sound like a contradiction, but I think it can be achieved by choosing a palette of raw, traditional materials such as wood, stone and metal. I find there is a certain honesty and integrity about seeing the materials as they are, and that quality to me is timeless. I also like objects that have meaning and a story to tell. I love things that develop a patina and show the traces of time. 

What is your main inspiration when decorating your home?

I would say my number one source of inspiration is probably Italy, as cliché as it sounds. I grew up surrounded by the Italian’s grandiose decadence – the facades of the old buildings gloriously aged, the use of marble and wood everywhere. My second source of inspiration comes from my travels and life experiences in general: the homes or hotels I stayed in, the restaurants I’ve eaten at. I think our kitchen is the best example of these two influences: I wanted to recreate partly a traditional Italian grandmother’s kitchen, partly one of my favourite restaurants in East London.

The Venetian Pantry kitchen with Terrazzo flooring

What has been your favourite project in your home so far?

By far the kitchen. It is the first thing I started fantasising about, way before we even started looking for a house on the market. Having a walk-in pantry was a long-standing dream of mine, and being able to design from scratch a kitchen that would perfectly suit my every need was a dream come true!

What current interior design trends are you a fan of?

As I mentioned, I am not a big fan of trends in general, especially the short-term ones. Generally speaking, if I see a particular object, shape or material that is being overly used, I tend to run the other way. Having said that, I have noticed a general appetite for decluttered spaces, neutral palettes, artisan products, nude materials and a soft aesthetic, the so-called “warm minimalism”. That is a macro trend I am definitely on board with!

Featured floor: Whinfell
Featured floor: Whinfell

Have you got any exciting projects in your home coming up?

The last big hurdle to tackle is the outdoors – the front yard and, most importantly, the back garden, which we are working on at the moment. It never quite recovered from the building site, and it was in was such a sorry sight over the winter! We really pushed to get it in better shape to be able to fully enjoy it this summer. We have raised and levelled the ground, replaced both fences, laid down new turf and will soon get a small garden room installed at the rear – this is one of the bits I am more excited about. Eventually, I would love to get a landscape designer on board and transform it into the little Mediterranean paradise of my dreams!

Which Ted Todd floor did you use, and why did you choose it?

I have chosen Whinfell planks from the Classic Tones Collection for our master bedroom and ensuite, which is in our newly built loft. We wanted something quite simple and a little bit rustic, and Whinfell has a lovely raw, natural feel to it. I decided to alternate two different widths of planks to accentuate the rustic aesthetic and make the floor feel more bespoke.

You can follow Martina on Instagram at @thevenetianpantry.