Woodworks – A Modern Heritage Story

As a British brand, the authenticity of our flooring is rooted in quality and craftsmanship.

Each floor in our Woodworks portfolio has been meticulously designed and developed by our dedicated team of skilled artisans and handcrafted in our Cheshire Workshops.

In celebration of 30 years of creating the extraordinary, we are delighted to release three new floors which draw on our rich history and showcase our design-led approach. Baslow, Arley and Brantwood are a true reflection of our legacy.  They are floors that embody our brand values, honour our heritage and shape our vision for the future.


The past is an important part of our future and integral to our craftsmanship. Our floors represent centuries of history – from the timbers we source throughout the world, to the techniques we use to handcraft each Woodworks floor.

Paying homage to the past these new English-Aged floors are classic, timeless, organic timbers which deliver quintessentially British style. Inspired by rural living and country charm we have poured three decades of experience into these remarkable floors. Designing them for purposeful living in today’s homes and commercial spaces.

Champagney PDV panel flooring room shot, country manor interior

Featured floor: Champagney Parquet De Versailles, Aged collection


Emulating wood floors that have been walked on for centuries, we’ve designed and crafted our Aged wood floors to embody all the characteristics of our favourite antique wood floors.

We have selected the finest oak for these English-aged floors. Which has been slowly seasoned outside for a minimum of 24 months. Once air-dried boards are kiln-dried, a technique that has been around for thousands of years. Playing into the sentiment of tradition these elegant oak floors feature softened edges which have been meticulously hand-rolled. Finally, a slow-cured approach means finishes that are naturally dried in between each application. 

hand sanding image

Their engineered construction harnesses the benefits of modern innovation to ensure durability and stability, reducing the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract.

By combining rustic charm with modern innovation Baslow, Arley and Brantwood deliver timeless wood floor design, perfect for the Modern Heritage style.

Arley and Brantwood wood flooring cameo imahes showing baskets and home accessories.

Featured floor: Arley Mixed Width Plank, Aged Collection & Brantwood Mixed Width Plank, Aged Collection

If you’re looking to create a modern heritage interior for a home or commercial space, speak with our expert team today who can assist you on your wood floor journey.