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About this product

Discover the elegance of Brantwood, where a smooth, gently worn surface and warm natural tones combine to create a truly refined floor. Each board is thoughtfully handcrafted, invoking an understated sense of timeless beauty, as if it has gracefully witnessed the passage of time and received loving care throughout the years.

Bringing a touch of genuine originality to your space, each random-width plank of Brantwood is meticulously crafted from rustic-grade French oak, boasting a hand-rolled edge. To truly embrace its uniqueness, we recommend installing discreet gaps between each plank, breaking away from the usual uniformity.

The flat sanded surface texture and gentle undulations of this flooring contribute to its understated luxury, creating a subtle yet inviting ambience. Deep, rich browns flow gracefully throughout the floor, infusing your surroundings with an organic charm.

Our expert artisans meticulously finish each board with our hand-applied Organic Oil, ensuring exceptional durability that can withstand the demands of both residential and contract projects. By combining rustic charm with modern innovation, our Brantwood floor delivers a truly natural, understated experience. Timeless floors for today’s interiors.

The Organic Oil finish applied by hand, ensures this floor will last the distance in both residential and commercial projects. Please care for this floor using Care System 2.

Random Width Plank
Wood Species:
Aged French Oak
2 Ply Engineered
Surface Texture:
Smooth Sanded, Gentle Undulations
Organic Oil Super Matt
Up to 2.20m
Wear Layer:
Edge Detail:
Hand Rolled Edges
Floor Care System:
Care System 2
Application Guide:
Specification Sheets


Architectural Details

Add the perfect finishing touch with our architectural details all of which have been specifically designed and manufactured for Ted Todd. 

Mouldings, trims, beads, skirting, architrave, treads and risers are architectural details that are an essential part of every flooring installation. Special consideration should be given to floor-to-floor transitions, floor-to-wall design, and how floors progress across multiple levels.

Architectural details give spaces cohesion and create a harmonious flow, softening connections and hiding delineations. All of these  details are most effective when they work seamlessly with your floor. This is why our floors and architectural details are created by us, to complement each other.


Installing a wood floor is no mean feat and we always recommend it is undertaken by a professional flooring fitter.

Everything you need to know to install and care for your floor can be found in our installation guides, which you can find here.

Explore our brochures

Our brochures allow you to explore all our floors in one place. Many of our floors are shown through customer imagery to give you an idea of the size, scale and tone to help you decide which is right for your project or home.

Click here to view our brochures online and begin your wood floor journey.

Care and maintenance

To prevent any potential harm to your floors, it’s crucial to choose the right cleaning products. Unlike many generic floor cleaners that contain solvents or bleach, which can lead to floor damage and discolouration, our Ted Todd specialist cleaning products have been designed to protect and promote floor longevity.

  • If your floor has a lacquered or hardened oil finish, use Care System 1.
  • If your floor has a natural oil or hardwax oil finish, use Care System 2.
  • If your floor is white and has a lacquered or hardened oil finish, use Care System 3.
  • If your floor is white and has a natural oil or hardwax oil finish, use Care System 4.

You can read more about our Care Systems and purchase them here.


Since we began manufacturing wood floors, we’ve been driven by our deep-rooted commitment to the environment. We’re the market leader in sustainably sourced wood floors. Since 1997, we have been FSC® compliant, and the great majority of our wood flooring and cladding options are FSC® or PEFC certified and we have many third-party accreditations.

Most companies will charge extra for this certification, but we include this as a commitment to a better, healthier planet for years to come.

This means you can rest assured, that when you choose a Ted Todd floor, you are investing in the future of our planet, and helping to keep spaces healthy on the inside. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.


Our floors are constructed for demanding environments and our confidence in them is reflected in our warranty. We mark our 30th anniversary by extending our warranty to an impressive 30 years. We’ve spent three decades perfecting our craft and delivering exceptional quality. This remarkable milestone is a testament to our commitment to excellence and durability.

Now, when you choose a Ted Todd or Woodworks floor, you not only experience excellent customer service and the very best wood flooring but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an extended 30-year warranty. To find out more visit our Warranty page.