2023 Predicted Flooring Trends

As we enter 2023, giving our homes a new lease of life looks to be a priority as Google searches for ‘interior design trends 2023’ sees a rise in interest of over 500%*. It seems that keen interior enthusiasts and renovators are looking for a complete transformation with new flooring on the cards, as ‘flooring inspiration’ trends on Pinterest**.

So, here to give you all the flooring intel and 2023 inspiration, Katie Hudghton, Head of Marketing at Woodworks reveals the flooring trends set to make it big throughout the year…

A shift towards chevron

Katie says: “Herringbone has been all the rage for some time now and while the widespread love for the look isn’t going anywhere, it does have serious competition. Already increasing in popularity, chevron flooring, characterised by its continuous ‘V’ shape is now in popular demand.

“Stylish and geometrically eye-catching, chevron makes a statement and demands to be noticed when you enter a room. Pairing Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta with rich chevron flooring, will help to achieve a confident and bold interior style. With this look, be prepared to share with admirers how you achieved the transformational pattern.”

Moodboard using pantone of the year viva magenta, quissac chevron and french estate oak
Featuring: French Estate Organic Oak, Rare Finds, Quissac Chevron, Aged & Pandora Wallpaper in Fuschia, Jade and Lime, Lust Home

Embracing modern rustic with random widths

“A newer trend set to become popular over the next year is the ‘unfinished’ look. While not actually disorganised, the flooring is carefully and strategically placed down using different-width planks to go against that uniform look people traditionally strive for. The variety in plank width, with slight gaps incorporated throughout adds depth and character to your flooring and gives it a heritage feel.

baslow plank, aged wood
Baslow Plank, Aged collection

“With this style, the wood used tends to have less shine and colour consistency – these features build on the raw, natural look and provide an effortlessly warm, earthy room. Opt for a Naked Skin lacquer finish that can be seen on our Baslow flooring to nail this trend.”

Rejuvenate and reclaim

“The environment is high up on people’s list of priorities and in 2023 this is only set to go further as we incorporate pre-loved materials into our homes. There’s absolutely no reason that quality, reclaimed wood shouldn’t be making it into more homes to create a bespoke, high-end look while also being a great choice for the environment.” Continues Katie.

“With this in mind, we’re also set to see more people rejuvenating their current flooring by sanding it down and treating it. This cost-effect method gives your room a new lease of life without having to say goodbye to perfectly good flooring. A real wood floor should offer you a 4-6mm wear layer that accounts for this sanding – something that we ensure we guarantee at Woodworks.”

Welcome darker shades

Katie comments: “While paler woods have been a popular option for flooring for several years, people are now embracing the deep, rich tones that work in perfect harmony with maximalism interior trends which are expected to stay popular in 2023.

Espresso Herringbone, Editions, Image courtesy of de Le Cuona

“Versatile and classic, darker flooring can work perfectly with more traditional or eclectic interior styles and will age brilliantly. For those scared to commit to the darker tones, it’s worth considering that if you eventually do want to go back to a lighter floor, you can always sand down and stain the wood.”

The versatile wide plank

“Plank style flooring has always been popular and much the default for many years. However, wider planks are now becoming increasingly popular, with ‘Superwide’ planks making their mark in the space.” Katie adds.

ebony plank swatch, superwide
Ebony Superwide Plank, Superwide collection

“These wider options can help give the illusion that a space is bigger and open up your room. Despite being a bold choice, allowing you to play with deeper colours – such as the ultimate dark Superwide plank, Ebony – this style of flooring will never look outdated as new trends roll in over the years, so if you’re looking for a timeless classic, this is a great option.”


*Google Trends data pulled 05/12/2022

**Pinterest Trending Topics pulled 05/12/2022