Flooring ideas to achieve your dream Regencycore look

What started with Downton Abbey and evolved into Bridgeton taking social media by storm, inspiring many to incorporate a regal aesthetic into their home décor. Since the release of the historical romance drama, people have been obsessed with the Regencycore look – and with a third season confirmed for release, the graceful, opulent interior design style is set to become a trend once more.

Inside a grand period building – Project by Russell Taylor Architects

What is Regencycore?

Named after the British Regency era from 1811 to 1820, this time period is recognised for its elegant garments, stunning architecture and breath-taking décor.

While there are many layers to the Regencycore look for interior design, such as four-poster beds and antique furnishings, there is one key component that truly completes the aesthetic… 

Read on to discover our wood flooring suggestions to complete your dream Regencycore look.

A staple of period homes throughout Europe, parquet wood flooring is a timeless option that adds a true ‘wow’ factor to your home. Given the historic popularity of this flooring design, it still carries the weight of its prestige into modern homes today.

Parquet wood flooring

Parquet wood flooring can encompass many different patterns, each made from wooden blocks, with popular styles including herringbone, chevron and basket weave.

With a high degree of customisation, this wood flooring style can be tailored to perfectly suit your ideal décor. This design has the versatility to open both classic and contemporary options.

Hillstar by Woodworks parquetry roomshot

If you’re looking for something that feels just right for your home, parquet wood flooring can quickly become the personalised centrepiece in your Regencycore-inspired décor.

English Oak

Often found in the homes and estates of prestigious individuals throughout English history, English Oak wood flooring is revered for being the finest Oak in its species. A truly premium flooring option known for its durability, the look and feel of English Oak makes for a perfect Regencycore aesthetic.

The aspect of English Oak that makes it an obvious choice for a Regencycore-inspired interior is the natural wood features you get when choosing this option. Unlike the Oaks from commercial forests, English Oak is slowly grown, meaning the growth rings inside are much tighter and produce rich colour. With the broadest medullary rays of any Oak, the beautiful natural veins that run across the planks create an opulent look that perfectly suits the Regencycore design.

Thanks to the density and durability of English Oak, it has more than stood the test of time as this wood flooring option once again feels at home in Regencycore-inspired interiors.

Galion English Oak flooring
Gallion Plank Flooring, made form English Oak and crafted to perfection by our Woodworks artisans.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

So far, we have covered wood flooring options that capture the classic styling of Regencycore. However, the quintessential option for a truly unique vintage look is reclaimed wood flooring.

Reclaimed wood flooring is sourced from the wood used in historical buildings, before being repurposed and expertly transformed into antique wood flooring. Not only is reclaimed wood flooring a premium option, but it’s also a more sustainable one due to being ethically sourced from historic buildings.

The heritage of reclaimed wood flooring rivals that of the Regency era. From reclaimed British Colombian Pine used in The Old War Office during both World Wars, to the beautiful deep hues of reclaimed Jarrah, used throughout the Kings Cross area in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The history behind Regencycore can ultimately be matched with equally historic reclaimed wood flooring, combining the authentic story of the floor you’re standing on with an already unique interior design style.

How to choose the right option

Despite the plethora of options available to help you achieve your dream Regencycore look, figuring out which one is best for you can be challenging. Whether you’re looking to have custom wood flooring that perfectly matches your Regencycore vision, or desire something truly authentic such as reclaimed wood flooring, there are options to suit your dream décor.

Ted Todd has an extensive catalogue of flooring options for you to choose from. If you still feel unsure about what style is for you, explore our brochures to gain all the information and history on our wood catalogue to help you make the right decision. Alternatively, contact us today to discuss your specific needs with one of our experts.

Regent's Crescent living room showing tolland herringbone, editions woodworks floor floor

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