Feeling Good In The Spaces You Create


Rarely has the world challenged us so strongly.

Now that we must all spend more time at home the importance of comfort and safety has come firmly to the fore, and designing a second home is no exception.

When designing these spaces – be it a central London apartment, a country home or even a marine project – the demand for comfort must be met, and Woodworks by Ted Todd flooring makes this easier than ever.

Real wood offers a sense of relaxation and well-being that manmade alternatives simply cannot match. It heightens the senses and evokes emotion; the tactile feel of undulations, the freshness of the scent, the gentle sound underfoot.

Create a natural space that grants calmness and security by selecting our wood flooring for your projects. 

Egret Superwide Residential Room


At Woodworks by Ted Todd we cherish the art of handcrafting, and as a result, we’re able to create pieces of outstanding natural beauty that you simply cannot source from anywhere else. 

From centuries old patinas in our Antique collection to interesting markings from a past life throughout our reclaimed timbers, we work with every individual block and board to ensure the spotlight is given to the features that make the wood so special. 

Owning a one-of-a-kind Woodworks floor grants a distinct level of individuality, again making a second home a truly personal space to get lost within. You can even design beyond the floor, with many of our floors working expertly as wall panelling too, which gives the extra feeling of safety, security and comfort that people crave, especially in larger spaces.

No matter your specification, whether designing a cosy home-from-home, or a standout space for your client to escape normal life, we have a history-packed floor perfect for your specification. 

With our customisation service, we’re perfectly positioned to match colours, formats, grades and beyond – meaning you can design your client’s homes to complement each other beautifully.

Simply get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.