Interior Design Trends 2024

Interior Design Trends to Inspire Your Project in 2024

2024 is the year to embrace fresh interior design trends. Themes include elegance, eco-conscious aesthetics and bold colour palettes. In this blog, Katie Hudghton, our luxury wood flooring specialist’s Woodworks by Ted Todd head of marketing  will be unveiling four of the most prominent interior design trends you’ll see in 2024.

What are the interior design trends for 2024?

Many of this year’s interior design trends centre around making a statement. 2024 is the year to be overtly confident in your stylistic choices and bring big and bold ideas into your project. Read on to explore antique aesthetic décor, trompe l’oeil designs and more.

Antique Aesthetic

In 2024, old is the new ‘new’. Antique is defined as an item embellished with historical significance and aged value. To achieve this interior design trend, introduce statement pieces such as crystal chandeliers and vintage furniture. Mix personal items sourced over the years with handcrafted elements to add nostalgic flare. Compliment your design with Charente Extra Wide Plank, a new addition to our luxury Aged flooring collection. This rustic and character flooring, produced from sustainably sourced French Oak, has an authentic weathered appearance that works seamlessly with the antique aesthetic. Browse today: Charente Extra Wide Plank, Aged Collection

Charente Plank, Aged Collection

Organic Modern

Sustainability will continue to be at the forefront of designs in 2024 and beyond. The organic modern interior design trend cherishes natural materials for their world-friendliness and the calming effect associated with them. Earthy colours, nature-centric textures and mid-century furniture combine to create a harmonising, sophisticated space. Real wood flooring is the unparalleled choice for this trend, effortlessly welcoming nature into your home. Our new narrow end grain planks , such as Dorado, beautifully present expanding growth rings in the Oak planks for an extended connection to the natural world . Find out more: Dorado End Grain Plank, Parquetry Collection

Dorado End Grain Pattern, Parquetry Collection

Trompe L’oeil

In the world of interior design, everything is not always as it seems. This is especially the case with trompe l’oeil, which tricks the eye into believing a two-dimensional space is in fact three-dimensional. Bright colour palettes can be used to add depth – especially effective in areas of the home such as long corridors and rooms with slightly sloping roofs. Trompe L’oeil also ties in with colour drenching, which utilises one block colour across the entire room. Solutions such as our Bold Surfaces Collection can help you to achieve this architectural trend. With colours such as Fossil, Merlot and Denim, this collection is packed with personality and  inspiration. Consider the full range: Bold Surfaces Collection

Hexagon Flooring

Make a unique statement with hexagon-shaped flooring blocks. Their timeless geometric shape can transform your floor into the centrepiece of the room, seamlessly implementing texture and style. As well as this, the tiles can also make any space appear larger, meaning they are an ideal solution for the smaller rooms in your home. Mix and match wood with ceramic tiles for an creative aesthetic. All floors in our Aged Collection are  available in a new, hexagonal Honeycomb design. View our luxury flooring timbers today: Aged Collection

Honeycombe Heagonal Flower design - Aged Collection
New Hexagon Design, Aged Collection

What colour trends for 2024 interiors?

We’ve eagerly anticipated 2024’s ‘colours of the year’ from brands’ inspirational interior design experts. Below, we’ve listed the favourite colours of Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Dutch Boy Paints.

Cracked Pepper 

Black is making a profound comeback in 2024. Behr’s ‘Cracked Pepper’ colour of the year is a soft black with brown undertones, conveying warmth and elegance. Erika Woelfel, vice president of colour and creative services at Behr Paint commented that ‘Cracked Pepper’ is intended as a “darker neutral”. Their theory promotes that deeper colours should become the norm in each room of the home. We’re certain that this soothing shade is here to stay in 2024.


Bright, refreshing and earthy: these are just some of the words to describe HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams’ colour of the year, ‘Persimmon’. The colour is a versatile sandy peach shade, able to generously inject energy into a space. The brand’s colour marketing manager, Ashley Banbury, stated that “Persimmon balances the energy of tangerine with grounded neutral undertones, making it perfect for spaces like living rooms and kitchens as it promotes positive relationships and conversation.”

Blue Nova

Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, ‘Blue Nova’ is inspired by the galaxies beyond. Blue and violet hues are blended to create a striking aesthetic. Andrea Magno, colour marketing and development director at Benjamin Moore commented that the colour is “an alluring mid-tone that balances depth and intrigue with classic appeal and reassurance. It’s comfortable and can be used on all four walls.” This makes this colour an ideal contender for the colour drenching trend.

Blue Nova, Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year 2024


Smart sophistication is at the heart of Dutch Boy Paints’ colour of the year, ‘Ironside’. This deep olive green represents nature, harmony and calm, providing tranquillity to your home. Ashley Banbury, colour marketing manager and interior designer stated that, “Our main driving influence for our colour of the year is creating a space for wellness”. This shade is versatile enough to match any room in your home, as does our Bold Surfaces Collection, available with RAL colour matching. Find out more: Bold Surfaces Collection

We sincerely hope to have left you inspired by these interior design trends for 2024. Whichever style caters to your tastes, our luxury wood floors can help you to create the perfect vision. For over 30 years, we’ve been manufacturing bespoke new, reclaimed and antique wood floors. Browse our collections today: Collections