The Story Of Our English Estate Oak

In the 18th century, Capability Brown created a style that would come to epitomise Englishness in gardens, or more accurately, parklands. Known as “England’s greatest gardener,” his signature ‘natural’ look is associated with many of the country’s finest stately houses.

In it the tree became a star. Planted to take pride of place on its own and not just part of a wood, sometimes requiring hundreds of thousands of trees to create his characteristic expansive vistas.

These beautiful landscapes still stand throughout Britain nowadays, with many opening their doors to the public.

English Estate Oak natural detail

Our English Estate Oak came from trees from one of the incredible 170 plus ‘gardens’ he designed back in the 18th century.

This rare wood is parkland oak because it was allowed to grow wild, and as a result it requires more skill to use on floors, with the restoration stage being a challenge which we relish.

We acquired the timber from fallen trees that came down in a storm over 20 years ago and took it back to our Cheshire workshops where we left the lumber to dry until early 2018. After this long wait, we have crafted them into undulating boards which retain the natural imperfections, undulating texture and watermarks from their previous life.

No two boards are the same, and each tells its own unique tale about the challenges of nature it faced at the heart of one of Brown’s gardens.

The original patina shines through, inviting you in and bringing rooms to life, making this wood floor the perfect selection if you’re looking to add natural look and true British history to your project.