Burmese Teak Wood Flooring

Native to the tropics, Teak is valued for both its beauty and durability.

Teak naturally resists decay, insects, rot and is aptly nicknamed “the king of the hardwoods” due to its extreme stability.

To reclaim our Burmese Teak we travelled over 5,000 miles to Burma (now known as Myanmar), extracting them as floorboards from colonial homes.

Teak is known for its beautiful, tight grain and ages gracefully to a regal silver. Unlike North American timbers that utilised waterways for transportation, Teak was transported by land using elephants. Due to Teak’s stability, it has been used for centuries in marine manufacturing, utilised as decking on vessels across the world.

All of our Burmese Teak flooring has genuine reclaimed credentials, meaning it has been safely and sustainably sourced, without any unnecessary environmental damage.

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What is Burmese Teak wood flooring?

Our Burmese Teak floors are presented in two beautiful forms: Dark Colonial Teak, and Colonial Burmese Teak.  Both of which are engineered Burmese Teak flooring options which have been reinforced to stand the test of time, without comprising on the natural beauty this rare timber offers.

Available in random widths and lengths, both are floors that you can truly experiment with, bringing regality and the most interesting natural tones indoors.

By hand rolling the edges of these woods, we feel we have truly done justice to the intricate grain patterns that you can only expect from Teak flooring. All of what has been written in the chapter of this Teak flooring’s life is on show, with swirling grain patterns, manmade mysteries and repair marks flowing across the entire floor, thanks to that meticulously worked pillowed edge.

If it’s history, and a link to the outside world you’re looking for, you’ve certainly met your match with a Burmese Teak floor.

Characteristics of Burmese Teak flooring

A tight, tense, incredibly durable grain is to be expect with all engineered and solid Teak flooring. It is one of the most durable products our planet has to offer up, and we take great pride in showing off its credentials.

Over time, Burmese Teak wood flooring ages gracefully, inviting regal silver tones that you will never get board of gazing upon, showcasing history in every swirl and circle. This remarkable patina holds records of a past life, desperate to bestow what is has seen into your project, adding a great deal of intrigue to every surface.

As with all of our Woodworks by Ted Todd reclaimed floors, Burmese Teak floor has a charm that is tricky to define, and impossible to replicate.

What are the benefits of Burmese Teak wood flooring?

Outside of the combination of natural beauty mixing with intricate craftsmanship, Teak flooring has many significant qualities.

Naturally resisting decay, insects and rot, Teak dominates the everyday battles of nature, assuring it’s survival within your project for a lifetime. Plus, do its lifelong stability, this species of wood has been used in marine manufacturing for centuries, taking pride of place as the deking of a number of vessels the world over.

Moreover, we back up that natural stability, with modern technology. We engineer the construction of every plank, to assure it is able to work alongside newer creations which it may not have faced before, such as underfloor heating. Finished with a lacquer or an oil, it remain unphased by everyday wear and tear – even when up against high-traffic, pets and spilled liquids.

How to install Burmese Teak wood flooring?

If you have made the investment in genuine Burmese Teak flooring, it should only ever be fitted by an expert. Appropriate preparations are vital in the success of the task, and if further information is required, please consult out installation guide.

Burmese Teak floors are appropriate for all rooms and spaces, adding depth and wonder to every surface. Give us your most challenging briefs and we will find a way to incorporate these immaculate creations into your project.

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Our Burmese Teak wood flooring is a rare commodity, as such, you’re unlikely to find these floors at our retail partner showrooms – instead, to experience these floors close up, we recommend visiting one of our design centers or by ordering samples for a quick look at home.