Kings cross jarrah
Kings Cross Jarrah Planks
Kings Cross Jarrah Planks
Kings cross jarrah
Kings cross jarrah
Kings Cross Jarrah Planks

Kings Cross Jarrah


This Rare Find has already been on a journey that has taken it across land and oceans, a journey that started hundreds of years ago in the forests of Western Australia. Jarrah started being imported from the forests of Western Australia in 1887 when a shipment of Jarrah blocks were sent to London to be used as street pavement in place of cobblestones. At the same time, the area around Kings Cross was developing rapidly from its humble beginnings. Read More
Plank: Inspired by traditional floors, our planks range from narrow width (80mm), to traditional floorboard width (140mm) and wide planks (180 to 220mm), making them incredibly versatile.


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Burnished Hardwax Oil: A durable, natural and unrivalled finish that combines oils to deeply penetrate into the wood’s pores.
Dark: Rich tones add a sense of elegance to your interior. This refined, dark look will make your room warm and inviting.


Add the perfect finishing touch with our architectural details and installation essentials, all of which  have been specifically designed and manufactured for Ted Todd.

They are an intrinsic part of a Ted Todd floor and we recommend that they are always used. This will guarantee you the perfect installation every time.

Our profiles include architraves, skirting boards, stair treads and pipe ferrules, all of which can be hand finished to complement your floor.


Installing a wood floor is no mean feat and should be undertaken by a professional flooring fitter.

Everything you need to know to install and care for your floor can be found in our installation guides, which you can find here.

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Care and maintenance

We have specially designed our Care Systems to look after your floor without damaging the finish.

If your floor has a lacquered or hardened oil finish, use Care System 1.

If your floor has a natural oil or hardwax oil finish, use Care System 2.

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We’re the market leaders in sustainably sourced wood floors.

Since 1997, we have been FSC® compliant, and the great majority of our wood flooring and cladding options are FSC® or PEFC certified.

Most companies will charge extra for this certification, but we include this as a commitment to a better, healthier planet for years to come.

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Our floors are constructed for demanding environments and our confidence in them is reflected in our guarantee. All our floors that are less than 20mm thick come with a 20 year guarantee, and all our floors 20mm+ thick come with a 25 year guarantee.

A significant potato market grew up on the eastern margin of the goods station. At the peak of the season there could be a thousand loaded potato carts waiting to be unloaded into one of the many warehouses.

The arrival of the 21st century has seen some significant changes to the Kings Cross area. As part of this regeneration, we were able to acquire a large quantity of Jarrah wood from one of the old potato warehouses.

The wood that came out of the Kings Cross warehouse was in lengths of up to 6ft long and 200mm wide – which for Jarrah is very wide. We have worked this amazingly dense hardwood to manufacture wide and long engineered planks retaining their original surface patina and undulations – and even the marks made by the clout nails used to fix the boards down.

The importance of conservation and protecting our natural resources makes it more important that reclaimed timber such as Jarrah is valued. We’re privileged to be able to extend its life and provide a hardwood floor of such quality.


Collectionrare finds
Wood Speciesreclaimed jarrah
Construction2 ply engineered - 100% hardwood
Wear Layer6mm hardwood (nominal)
Application Guidefloors & walls
Lengthup to 2.20m (random)
Finishburnished hardwax oil
Surface Textureworn & restored texture
Colourdark tone
Certificationgenuine reclaimed and antique
Edge Detailhand-rolled edges