Teak wood flooring

Teak wood flooring

Teak floors are amongst the most prestigious and valuable that our planet has to offer.

Teak is highly regarded due to its exceptional durability, elegance and ultimately, its rarity. Originating from in Southern Asia, Teak is one of Indonesia’s most celebrated materials - as a result, and due to it taking around eighty years for a Teak tree to mature, the Indonesian government put measures in place to protect the timber through sustainable forest management.

Aptly named ‘The King of the Hardwoods,’ Teak is the ultimate option for those looking to add silvered beauty, incredible durability and a little slice of history to their project.

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Types of luxury Teak flooring

Our Teak wood flooring arrives in a number of variations, from origin through to colour and construction. Regardless of which you choose the wood has been worked on carefully by hand by our Cheshire-based Woodwork by Ted Todd team. Most of these high quality teak floors are from our Rare Finds collection, with Coburn coming from our Bold Surfaces collection, to be used mainly as wall and ceiling cladding. All of these Teaks hold different historical tales within their attractive grain patterns, having been used in a variety of colonial homes across the continent. Our goal is to emphasise their history and grant them new life, one where they are up to the challenges posed by modern life. One of the simplest ways to distinguish between the varieties of Teak, is via their origin, being either Indonesian Teak or Burmese Teak wood flooring…  

Burmese Teak

The best example of Burmese Teak must be our Dark Colonial Teak. Having travelled almost 5,000 miles to reclaim the Burmese Teak floorboards, the team experienced a happy accident in the development process. Some of the Teak was unintentionally stained, creating the rich, dark colour you see across the mixed width planks – we loved it, so put the stained Teak into production, showcasing the distinctive grain pattern you come to expect from this wood species. Engineered on 20mm thick board, with a soft sanded texture and 6mm wear layer, this is a reclaimed wood floor which has been crafted to stand the test of time, so even in those high-traffic areas this is a quality teak wood floor.  

Indonesian Teak

Opposing Burmese Teak then, is that from Indonesia, which equally as durable and attractive. Beginning in the 1800s when Dutch traders sailed the oceans and settled in Indonesia, is the story of our Dutch East Indies Teak.  After travelling half the globe to secure this solid wood, we set about transforming the timber into an engineered wood floor exactly to our vision, hand-sawing each board to add delightful texture to the natural silvered beauty of the teak. Just as with the Burmese variation, the quality of Indonesian Teak we work with is second to none, making it a real pleasure for us to set about transforming such into a Teak hardwood floor.  

What are the benefits of Teak wood floors?

Stability and beauty are the keys to Teak’s success. Being named ‘King of the Hardwoods’ is no mean feat and having survived the extreme weather of Southern Eastern Asia for decades (in some cases centuries) Teak is amongst the most stable and hard-wearing products the natural world can offer up. Complete with a modern-day construction and a carefully developed finish, these are floors that are designed to push back against the challenges of time, assuring that the floor gleams at the heart of your project throughout the years. At an appearance level, it’s hard to argue against not only the tone, but the natural imperfections, knolls and grain patterns that feature across every plank. The silvery colours are amongst the most stunning non-manmade hues you’ll find in wood and the mystery of the timber is something to behold, pushing intrigue and individuality through your entire design.  

Ted Todd Teak wood flooring

Getting started with Ted Todd is easy and we would always recommend visiting one of our showrooms in either London or Cheshire to get up close and personal with our floors, as there’s nothing quite like the real thing under your fingertips. Alternatively, if you are shopping for your own home you can visit one of our trusted retail partners, and if you’re a commercial buyer, be sure to contact our expert Studio Ted Todd specification team using the number at the top of the page.