Nothing better represents Woodworks than our Worn & Resorted or Undulating wood flooring textures.

These wood textures are considered part of the Woodworks’ house style’ and have been designed by us to
introduce natural movement and undulations into your project.

Our artisans work the wood by hand to accentuate the shape of the surface, bringing out the
texture and paying homage to centuries-old original wooden floorboards.

Feeling the texture is the only true way to understand what makes these woods so extraordinary,
so we recommend ordering a sample box to experience our woods under your fingertips.

What is textured wood?

In the most basic explanation, wood texture explains how a piece of wood feels. Different woods will feel smoother than others, and the wood’s surface texture is determined by the number of sanding and smoothing processes it has undergone.

Textured floors are created to have a different amounts of texture to them for design purposes but depending on the type of texture a floor is catergorised as will effect how it feels and ulimately how it looks and to also add slip resistance qualities.

Each of our Woodworks floor textures is as different as they are beautiful. Their surface texture is a defining characteristic that distinguishes the wood from other visual elements, such as colour and grade. Let’s explore the different textures the portfolio has to offer…



Having faced the challenges of history, we fully restore the surface of our antique and reclaimed woods to emphasize their movement, patina and historical imperfections. This surface encapsulates the origins of where Woodworks started, and represent the very best material the natural world has to offer.


An organic surface that pays homage to the movement of centuries-old originals. We work the natural undulations by hand to help accentuate the beautiful shaping. We consider this texture a key part of our Woodworks ‘house style’ and our artisans are experts in getting the very best out of this aspect.


Inspired by the natural wear and tear of reclaimed wood, we add shallow and deep saw marks to the surface fora delicately rustic feel.

There are many varieties of sawn texture and we would recommend ordering a sample box of our these textures to compare and contrast through feeling.


Our heaviest hand brushing technique, showcasing intricate natural grain patterns, with added movement across the boards to match.

The heavier brushing creates more prominent grooves within the wood’s texture, adding to the movement of the wood.


A slightly heavier hand brushing that helps to reveal the natural grain patterns on the surface of the wood. This provides a characterful and authentic look than lighter brushing techniques.


Hand brushing is a careful and clever surface technique. By using a variety of materials our artisans gently remove unwanted soft summer growth and reveal the natural beauty of the wood’s grain patterns.


Our artisans carefully hand-sand the surface of the wood over time in order to achieve a sleek, uniform look across the floor. This texture embodies contemporary design practices and works particularly well with a square shoulder edge detail.


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