Reclaimed Pine For Your Home

Reclamation is a pivotal principle at Woodworks.

Not only is reclamation part of our origin and growth, but the reclamation process presents the highest quality and most sustainable materials available.

The word pine is often synonymous with fast grown pines & spruce and these should not be confused with our old growth reclaimed pines which have been gently restored by hand in our Cheshire workshops.

When working on a reclamation project, the wood is sourced from the demolition site before being transported to our Cheshire workshops. Here, our artisans apply a variety of handcrafting techniques to give the floors new life and continue the circular economy of the wood.

Our reclaimed pines were salvaged from sites across the UK, and showcase tight growth rings, tremendous swirling grain patterns, subtle imperfections, and an original patina.

Patinas such as these cannot be reproduced; they only occur when wood is used over time and the original patina of these pines also show the full history of how each has been used – with marks, indentations, nail holes and many other surprises that reveal clues as to its previous life.

These pines usually come from buildings built in the late 1800’s. From locomotive works to dock buildings, schools and hospitals, all of these floors have rich and interesting histories.

As well as being entirely sustainable and naturally beautiful, these floors have a durable solid construction, meaning they will last a lifetime within any room of your home.

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These reclaimed Georgian Pine floorboards feature an interesting original paint, a hand-polished patina and an incredibly tight grain pattern for an exceptional look.

This Pitch Pine wood was used within many buildings throughout the UK, arriving from forests over 3,500 miles away on the East Coast of North America, and would have been imported to Britain in the 1,800s.

Fully restored in our English workshops, the planks even feature a subtle hand rolled edge for increased movement from board to board.

The 165mm wide planks add texture and feeling to any space and can really lift your room with their reclaimed feel and unique tone.



Canadian Red Pine has been grown primarily with crafting in mind, being used for lumber, cabin logs, railway ties, joists and more throughout the centuries, with the wood reaching up to 500 years old and featuring an immense number of growth rings within each log.

20mm thick and 190mm wide, these reclaimed planks have impressive dimensions and cleverly combine reclaimed durability with Canadian beauty.

The natural warmth and rich mellow tones these planks exude help link your project to home to the outside world, adding comfort and relaxation to your rooms. Our artisans even left these boards unfinished for the most natural look, but you can apply your own finish on-site if increased protection through the years is required.



With natural grain patterns, manmade nail holes and beautiful blemishes from a previous life, these reclaimed Victorian Pine planks are amongst the most characterful available with Woodworks.

Our meticulous craftspeople have set about restoring this wood by removing old clout nails and helping restore the original patina of the pine by hand, leaving the boards unfinished to allow the original appearance to shine.

Available in incredible long lengths of up to 4m, a width of 127mm and with a 12mm solid construction, these planks feel comfortable on any surface in the home; looking especially strong when used as wall cladding, not just flooring.



Beautiful blemishes from a previous life epitomise the beauty of this reclaimed Pitch Pine.

Pitch Pine (or longleaf pine) played a huge role in construction across the globe and even helped to transform the United States, where the pine originates, into an economic power.

Lovingly restored by our artisans, these Georgian Pine planks feature an original patina which has been carefully hand polished. Each plank also showcases manmade markings amongst the warm brown tones, meaning no two planks tell the same story.

Solid in construction and 165mm wide, these reclaimed planks make for a durable, beautiful and sustainable choice throughout your home.


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