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By using our bespoke flooring service you can experiment with pattern, scale, grade, texture, edge details, tone and finish to create a unique wood flooring that you will find nowhere else on the planet.

Ted Todd collections and Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios are all designed with purpose and usage in mind, but we understand that every project has different specifications, meaning you need the power to design exactly what you had in mind.

With over 25 years of experience, Woodworks by Ted Todd brings impeccable craftsmanship, unrivalled quality and refined elegance to projects across the world. Each of our floors tells a story, has been worked by hand and is crafted from the finest quality wood.

Ordering one of our bespoke floors allows you to not only design the floor yourself down to the smallest detail, but it’s also made to order in our in-house Cheshire workshops so that the end result matches your specification perfectly.

Whether it’s customising Ted Todd or Woodworks floors or wall cladding found online to your exact requirements or creating an entirely new design, we are able to deliver the flooring for your project exactly as needed using various handcrafting techniques.

Every bespoke construction and order begins life with a conversation;

Call us today on 01925 283000 to begin the process, or email us You can also get in touch with us here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


What is bespoke wood flooring?

All bespoke wood floors start with a conversation with one of our specification consultants. Where is your floor going to go? What is it you want to achieve from your wood floor? What should the texture, intricate design, tone or pattern be?

Your project will have specific tones, finishes, thickness, patterns, designs and more, and we’re pleased to work closely alongside you to achieve an exact match, no matter how specific the brief.

We have unique stocks of raw materials, a dedicated team of craftspeople based in the UK, with years of experience dealing with some of the most prestigious projects in the world. 

In Harrods for example, we installed a ‘yellow brick road,’ inspired by the Wizard of Oz, and elsewhere we have implemented customised chevron and parquet de Versailles wood floors, that create seamless flow through a property.

Be sure not to limit your imagination, as no matter the project’s size, difficulties of space or strictness of brief, we can work with you to produce a bespoke flooring to suit your vision perfectly.

Typically, this service covers flooring and wall cladding, but we also have a wealth of experience in crafting finishes, architectural mouldings, specialist timbers and marine timbers, so whatever you need, all you need to do is ask.

Our bespoke wood flooring process

You’ve ordered a plethora of wood floor samples; you’ve trawled the brochures and you still can’t find something that suits you. Don’t worry. This happens more often than you think, and we can create bespoke wooden flooring that is purpose built to your requirements.

Experience shows us the importance of understanding each project’s individual requirements – so we always discuss closely with all parties to create a floor that complements the interior and works within your timeframe and budget.

You decide on the specifics and we create your floor from the ground up by applying unique handcrafting methods, such as hand-rolling edges, air-drying and careful hand polishing, with hundreds, perhaps thousands of handlings going into every bespoke flooring.

Whether you’re buying for personal use, or you’re taking the reins of a commercial project, we have a focused, experienced team available in your sector. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch at the earliest available opportunity.

What are the benefits of bespoke wood flooring?

The biggest benefit of using our bespoke flooring service is that you have complete control. Whether you’re working on a brand-new restaurant, a renovation, a new build or even a marine project, we can cater to your very specific needs to produce a unique wood flooring.

The added flexibility which our bespoke service offers means any room layout, large scale project or specific tonal needs can be met, laying the groundworks for the remainder of your project.

This service is one you will not find anywhere else, so if you need a custom floor, be sure to take advantage of this specialist service.

What wood is used for bespoke wood flooring?

Bespoke floors are designed purely by you. That means whichever species of wood you desire; we can make your creation happen. We understand that you will have a specific wood in mind, which is why we are pleased to work together to create something bespoke to you.

We are the market leaders in appreciating the importance of sustainable sourcing and never do business with any supplier who can’t prove the origin of their timber. Having been FSC complaint since 1997, you know that whichever wood floor you build from, you’re in safe sustainable hands with Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd.

Which rooms can benefit from bespoke wood flooring?

Having created fine wood floors for many projects, we are unphased by the challenges presented by misshapen spaces, tight corners and curvatures, meaning our bespoke wooden floors will feel at home in any room. Be it a kitchen, hallway, any commercial project – we can design a custom wood flooring that meets your requirements.

Get started with Woodworks by Ted Todd

The best place to start crafting your custom floor is to get in contact with our expert team. Make an enquiry, and we’ll make contact at a time to suit you, to start making your bespoke wooden flooring idea a reality.