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Consider this…

By 31st August 2016

If you’re contemplating buying a wood floor, this handy guide may help seal the deal. Wood floors are so much more than just floor coverings, they really set the tone of the design of a room. Here are four things a wood floor will add to your scheme that you may not have considered.

Wood floors are great for anyone who is not sure how much colour they want in a room. With wood floors and a neutral wall colour as a foundation, the room will work with as little or as much colour as you want to add, which is also especially good for anyone who likes to change the look of the room on a regular basis.

Strada bernini overhead

Wood floors create warmth. Many people after a clean look will paint walls white. To stop the look appearing too cold and clinical, consider fitting a wood floor. Even light wood floors bring a natural warmth to the room, softening the overall look without compromising the modern look.

Warehouse Raw cotton Herringbone

Wood floors can lighten up a dark scheme. Dark walls, in charcoal or even black, are a popular decorating choice. To create a liveable scheme that isn’t overwhelming, choose a light wood floor. Together with light window frames and doors, you’ll ensure that the scheme still looks fresh and modern.

Calico Project

Wood floors add texture. Modern monochromatic rooms can sometimes be in danger of looking a bit flat. To add interest and texture without losing the sharp, clean lines, you may want to consider a parquet wood floor. In many cases, a chevron or herringbone floor deliver the only pattern you’ll need in the room, adding depth and interest to your scheme.

Pallene patterns and panels

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