A Woodworks floor is never rushed, taking time, care and thousands upon thousands of handlings to complete.

The result? Inspirational projects all across the globe.


From quaint residential properties to large scale restaurants, workspaces and leisure projects, we’ve seen and done it all over the past decades.


All of our Woodworks by Ted Todd floors and wall cladding are designed with these projects in mind.

The countless hours and painstaking hand craftsmanship is all worth it to see our expertise shine in real world settings.

Woodworks Projects

Woodworks by Ted Todd projects are all about adding that something extra special to spaces.

The antithesis of a production line; the reclaimed and antique wood floors used here are unlike any you will have seen before or will likely ever see again. We also take our wealth of knowledge revitalising old timbers and use this on new woods too, creating perfectly proportioned flooring for every room and requirement.

It’s a real pleasure for us to see our handmade floors integrated into such thoughtful and elegant designs – adding character, history and natural texture to areas across the globe.

For further details on any of these projects, or information as to how our Woodworks flooring could be the inspirational solution you are seeking, please get in touch.

What is Woodworks Flooring?

Woodworks by Ted Todd covers our collections of reclaimed, antique and new wood floors, all made by hand in our Cheshire design centre.

Each floor takes thousands upon thousands of intricate handlings to create, and our collective centuries worth of experience working with wood goes into every block and board. The result are one-of-a-kind floors which add character, history and untold stories to any room and surface they grace.

As you can imagine, these floors take a little longer to craft, but the hard work is all worth it to create something truly beautiful and unique. Opportunities to own such meticulously crafted materials come round rarely, and won’t always be possible so if you find a story that inspires you, be sure to get in touch with our expert team.

What different types of wood do Woodworks by Ted Todd use?

Woodworks by Ted Todd create premium wood flooring using some of the rarest and most beautiful woods the natural world has to offer. We traverse the globe in search of ancient Teak, perfect Pitch Pine, Aged European Oak and beyond, with our stockholding containing the finest grade timbers of all.

One of our favourite wood floors is the luxury parquet flooring crafted from Antique Elm, Mayer. Available in the most intricate of designs this wood is hundreds of years old and is amongst the hardest to source as Dutch Elm disease wiped out much of the Elm population back in the 1970’s, meaning this wood species is only attainable from historical buildings.

Another species we love to work with in creating luxury wood flooring is Aged European Oak. Packed to the brim with the character and natural features you would expect from antique and reclaimed woods, they are the basis of our Aged collection. Sourced from sustainable forests in Southern France, we aim to bring out the very best each board has to offer, with our artisans working meticulously to push every feature, from grain pattern to deep knots, to the forefront.

If there is a specific species you are looking to use for your premium wood flooring then be sure to get in touch, as our bespoke service covers a tremendous range of wood types.

What are benefits of using Woodworks by Ted Todd floors over manmade alternatives?

At Woodworks by Ted Todd, we only work with the real thing and you won’t find any wood look lino, LVT wood flooring or tiling in our portfolio.

We do this not only because wood holds an incredible amount of natural wonder, but also because wood is far more sustainable and planet-friendly, something we never compromise on. All of our wood floors have FSC, PEFC or relevant reclaimed and antique certification.

What does that mean for you? Well, you can rest assured knowing that your Woodworks project is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. You’ll find no harmful SVOCs in our woods, nor any other damaging materials for that matter – everything is naturally crafted.

At the end of your project’s lifespan, whenever that may be, your floor can be recycled or repurposed to write one last chapter in its storied tale.


What rooms are most suitable for Woodworks by Ted Todd floors?

There are almost no restrictions when using our floors within your project.

Whether you’re looking to fill a mass expanse with history-packed wood, or just want to add some soothing texture to a delicate living space, we have a flooring option to suit you. We always like to think outside the box when designing Woodworks floors, so we implore you to design to your heart’s content and create your project as your envisioned it with our woods.

As you’ll see throughout the project listed, we have seen wood be used on every surface and for ever different purpose; hopefully they leave you feeling inspired and grant renewed focus on your design.

The only spaces we would tend to lean away from using our Woodworks floors would be in places with risk of very high water spillage, such as family bathrooms or commercial kitchens. Thanks to our natural oiled and lacquered finishes though, our floors are splash resistant and are entirely unfased by simple spillage, so don’t be afraid of using them in kitchen areas, for example.

Free samples available

You can order up to three free samples of our Woodworks flooring online. Nothing beats getting up close and personal with the texture, and large sample panels are even available upon request.

Should you still be struggling to decide the ideal luxury hardwood flooring for your project the best action is to call our team of committed experts, as whether you’re using Woodworks for personal or commercial purposes, they have the experience you seek to make positive decisions.

All of our Woodworks by Ted Todd collections are available here.