Our Story

For more than two decades, we’ve been on an epic quest to create the most beautiful and innovative wood floors across the globe.

And as the years pass by, we’re showing no sign of slowing down. Our creative adventure just gets more exciting; more experimental; more inspiring.

We make floors for people who love and appreciate unique, clever interior design. People who want their homes to tell a story, beyond the usual ‘out-of-the-box’ fixtures and fittings. Here at Ted Todd, our pioneering team are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a wood floor can be. And we’re not afraid to say that the end-result is simply breathtaking.

Our floors are unrivalled in quality, originality and creative flair. From the undulating texture of our slow-grown European Oak to the rich tones of our American Black Walnut, every floor by Ted Todd has its own unique personality.

When you buy a Ted Todd floor you can rest assured it is responsibly sourced and that 95% of our wood is FSC® certified. We challenge you not to fall in love with each and every one.

create chevron, patterned parquet wood flooring, create collection
1988 – Victorian Woodworks is founded as an antique wood floor specialist in East London.

Working beautiful imperfections in antique woods into stunning wood floors, the enterprise takes off and excels in this area of expertise. Finding customers across the world, it is revered for its beautiful patinas and stunning Parquet de Versailles.

1993 A small, zero capital start up, Edwards Cheshire, gets going as a reclaimed wood flooring enterprise.

Its focus was reclaiming wood floors and old timbers from factories and cotton mills across the north of England. Robert Walsh, an industrious and energetic philosophy graduate, starts an exciting journey.

1997 – Robert, eager to explore, starts to produce new wood floors: Ted Todd is born.

Edward becomes Ted. The big idea is simple: make new wood floors look like old floorboards. Wide and long solid hardwood floorboards are a great success.

This starts off a new trend for wood floors as a design element. Creating, inventing, designing and manufacturing wood floors become our passion. Robert’s solid hardwood floors become a great success. From family homes to 5* hotels our floors had a great appeal.

2007 – Ted Todd moves to new premises at Chesford Grange, Warrington and continues to thrive there to this day.

Its unique approach to wood floors continues to be its strongest asset. Designing and developing floors that are different is the norm.

2011 – Victorian Woodworks joins the Ted Todd family.  

A large investment in new workshops and finishing facilities secures the long term future for this antique wood floor specialist.

2013 – Our Mayfair showroom opens to showcase the very best in antique and new wood floors.

The rich heritage of our wood floors is celebrated and customers from all over the world are inspired by our wonderful creations.

2016 Ted Todd focuses its expertise into three areas:

Ted Todd – We continue to make floors for people who love and appreciate unique, clever interior design by supplying new wood floors that are unrivalled in quality, originality and creative flair.

Woodworks by Ted Todd – Born out of the joint enterprise of Victorian Woodworks and handmade floors from Ted Todd. This combined enterprise brings together two great wood floor originators – one from antique wood floors and the other from new wood floors.

Studio Ted Todd – Wood floors for the inspired creative professional. Offering a full package of wood floor expertise, creative support, and the largest wood floor inventory in the UK.